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RAD and Vaganova


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Hello, long time lurker new member here, and this is my first post.

I studied ballet as a kid (11 years or so, in a Vaganova school then changed to RAD school) and returned as an adult. Now I restart again after 9 years of sabbatical.

In the city that I live, it's not that easy to find adult ballet class, so now I take 3 classes per week in 2 places using RAD and Vaganova. Am taking one hour class per week in the RAD school and one one-hour class plus one two-hour class in the Vaganova studio (not a school).

I really want to improve my dancing, and I am now in a stage of life where I can allocate some funds and time to pursue this. So am thinking to take private class as addition to my current schedule. I plan to one day take a graded class, and it seems RAD is the only option. therefore I plan to take private class in the RAD school to 'prepare' me to join graded class later. However, I really love my Vaganova studio teacher, and would like to take privates with him to improve my technique.

Would really appreciate your advice on the sane-ness of my plan. I remember having quite a difficult time adjusting from the Vaganova to RAD back when I was a kid. Will studying two methods at the same time be confusing? Or, since I am an adult now, it will not be a problem since a good class is a good class anyway?

Thank you in advance, and glad to be here....

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Welcome, Scuballerina! We are glad that you have "de-lurked" and decided to join in our discussions. :)


If you are handling the mix of RAD and Vaganova now in your classes, then I don't think it would be a big problem. But, if there is a lot of conflict, and you plan to aim for RAD exams, then you might need to add more classes in that method.


[ I edited your post above to put in the upper case letters where needed. We work hard here to get our young dancers to write correctly, especially in terms of capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns, so it is important for our adult members to set a good example. :D ]

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As an RAD teacher who has also studies some Vaganova, I would support Ms Leigh's answer. Neither method will really hurt your technique for the other, ballet is ballet. You will need to train your brain to "translate" the same steps between both vocabularies and there are some quirks in each that aren't in the other (eg. positioning of the feet in petits battements serres, flexed vs stretched foot in frappe etc).


What grade of RAD are you thinking of sitting an exam for and when? I think the grade would have an impact on how many RAD classes you would need per week to polish the set work and nail the accuracies of the syllabus. The lower the grade, the less RAD classes you could get away with as long as you are confident in your ability to pick-up the combinations, and the further away the exam is as long as you are in any class working you should be ok. (Near exams, maybe more RAD...)

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Scuballerina, you've had expert advice from our wonderful teachers -- I'm just popping in to say Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! And it's great that you've stepped from lurking to posting. I hope you'll find lots of useful information and cameraderie in your travels on the ballet journey.

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First of all, sorry for not checking in earlier. I had a strange connection, once I couldn't find this thread!!!


Am bowled over that my first post receive comments from Mme. Victoria, MissPersistent, and a warm welcome from Redbookish, all whose advices I read and applied on during my lurking days! Guess that's one of the advantage of de-lurking!


Thanks a lot again. I have talked to my RAD teacher, and it is agreed that I will do several private while preparing myself to syllabus class (either IF or Inter). On top of that, out of the blue my Vaganova teacher proposed me to also joined an examination. It made me very happy, as it seems that they recognize that I am a 'serious' student.


I still dont know how my schedule will look like in the coming months, but will keep you all updated here. And thank you again for your confirmations that different style will not be 'conflicting', it really ease my mind to try to do double exam in two different syllabus. I hope they will supplement beach other and made me stronger technically.

In fact, I read somewhere here that Major Mel commented that doing frappe the flexed foot way and the pointed foot way will engage different muscles, and thus beneficial. Another aha moment for me on this board!


Happy weekend, everyone!

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Glad to have met you today Scuballerina! I personally try to campaign for more adult students to take more than just basic class because it is so rewarding!

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Glad to meet you also, Pianolady. Personally for me, it is very motivating to see in BFA class how many adults starts (from zero) or restart their ballet training, and I am glad if they asked me about my 'other' schools, as to encourage them to take as much classes as they can. As mentioned in this board, good training is good training is good training!

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Scuballerina i think you have what it takes to push yourself further in this. Despite we are not going to be a pro dancer, we get satisfaction from being able to improve ourselves and be rather good in dancing. That is what motivates me, just to be good and to nail those steps well.


I heard the teachers comments to you, and the teachers also shared with me an optimistic comment about you. So, stay on course!

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Whoa!!! Thanks a lot! This is a H U G E compliment for me.


Again, many thanks!!!


*will printscreen your post to read when I feel like the stupidest, most inflexible dancer wannabe. Gotta keep the negative feeling away!*

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I often wonder about taking some proper RAD classes in a school that welcomes adults. I would not know where to look, but I am pretty sure none exists anywhere near where I live now. Maybe in a few years I will be elsewhere (in the southeast USA) and get lucky enough to find some so I can try to sort out what I know from which method I have had at one time or another over many years???
I had a little taste of RAD training years ago in a school on a US military post in Germany that had graded classes for kids, and some of those kids even got to go to England for full time advanced training. I had their teacher in the "moms" class which was the only adult class to be had and it was wonderful. I hated leaving the country when the time came and it was mostly because I was having to leave that class and had no knowledge of adult ballet classes existing anywhere else at the time. (1995).
The teacher also taught a second class for adults that she called "stretching and strengthening" which was pretty much Pilates, but it was several years before everyone knew that term. I got strong ... and that is something that has never been easy for me.

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