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Winging the foot in arabesque


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My 11 year old daughter performed for an audition. The routine was demi-pointe. One of the comments we got from 2 of the judges was that she needs to wing her foot in arabesque to "complete" the line.

She's not been taught to do this and I was wondering if it's necessary -- and when most dancers are taught to wing their foot if it is?

Thank you!

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It is generally NOT taught. However, there are a few discrepencies in terms of what some people call winged, and what some of us call winged. Therefore, I am not going to say they were wrong, because it is possible that they just wanted a better line in her arabesque. But using the term "wing" is not the way to get. A winged foot is not a fully pointed foot, and therefore does not "complete the line". It is not taught by most teachers in classical ballet.

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Thank you Ms. Leigh! I will share that with her. She is very talented in extension, but I would agree that she does need to continue to perfect her lines and placement.

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At 11 years old I would expect it to have to do more with not being fully rotated, and possibly not totally straightening the knee and pointing the foot. That would be typical. Not winging is a good thing, in my opinion. A really good arabesque line is not often seen in 11 year olds unless they are both exceptionally talented and receiving exceptional training in both quality and quantity and have had several years of that training. It is possible, but I don't think it is something I would expect yet from most students of that age. I would like to see it, of course, and do see it once in a while, but not often enough. What kind of audition was this, snp?

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It was for a part in a local ballet production which is being sponsored by a ballet company in our area. She's auditioned for other opportunities before (never gotten any amazing parts lol), but this the first time I've ever seen a comment like that.

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