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Bloch Pro Arch ballet shoe


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I was just wondering if I can get opinions on this shoe. It seems to be the only ballet shoe DD likes, but none of our 'local' stores (45+ min drive to any store) carry it. I was wondering if it is as great of a shoe as DD makes it out to be, why would more stores carry. I have to order them online to get them for her.


Also, I know there are pros and cons to both canvas and leather, but DD has never worn leather after her first year or 2 of ballet in combo classes. If she "doesn't have a great arch but has a strong foot" (according to both her ballet teacher and pointe teacher), which shoe would be better for her a canvas or leather.





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Oops! A student wanderedinto the Parents' Forum and a post was removed.

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I actually wear the Pro Arch myself because it does hug my foot nicely in the heel/arch area and provide a nicer line in my old feet and because I find that the wider sole under the metatarsals doesn't bunch up and is more comfortable. However, they run wide in the metatarsal, which is my only complaint because they sometimes slide around on that area of my foot. If your daughter has a wide forefoot, I can see how she would really like these! They are fairly reasonably priced on Discount Dance, so as long as her foot isn't growing like crazy, I think it's a fine choice.


Both of my DDs prefer leather (one likes full sole and one split sole) because they feel that their feet work harder in them, though they each have a pair of canvas that they will occasionally wear for really sticky floors. I know some teachers prefer one over the other, particularly prior to pointe work, but if her teacher(s) don't have a preference, then I would let her wear what she likes.

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My DD has always worn Bloch, but it has recently come to our attention that they don't fit her feet as well as they should. We are going to try Grishkos later this week. Knocking on wood that we will find the perfect fit. Every dancer's foot is different, so if your DD has found a shoe that fits well and she likes, then I suggest ordering it online if it's not available locally.


My DD wears canvas, and feels as if these are the most appropriate ballet shoe for intermediate / advanced dancers. She views wearing leather the same as wearing a bright color to an audition vs. wearing a black leotard. I don't know where she got this impression or idea, so I would be interested in hearing what others have to say about canvas vs. leather. I have noticed that when she takes open classes that all of the professionals in the classes seem to wear canvas. I rarely see anyone in leather, so there might just be a reason to her way of thinking.

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