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Ballet Schools in New Jersey - Monmouth County

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We are likely moving to Monmouth County, and I need to find a new Balanchine based school for my dd. Are there any in Monmouth County or will I need to take her into NYC? My husband thinks we can just call and sign her up for SAB lol!


Any suggestions are appreciated, and if I do need to go to the city I'm open to any suggestions for getting into a program since all of them(that I've looked at) had auditions in the spring.



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Look into Manhattan Youth Ballet their audition is September 4th I believe. They also have a summer intensive the last 3 weeks of August & may still have room. What is DD age?

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Aside from the school in Red Bank already mentioned, I am not aware of any other ballet based schools in Monmouth County, unless there is somewhere new or a place I am forgetting. There are more options outside of Monmouth County that may be a lesser commute than NYC. As far as a purely Balanchine program, SAB would be it. However, the style is taught by teachers at other schools. There several quality schools worth looking at in NJ or even PA, depending on where you end up living.


If your dd is ballet career minded, a less specific style may be more beneficial for year round training, no? I am just thinking that most companies actually do a mix of styles, with only a small number purely Balanchine. Just my thoughts based on what I hear and see. My dd trains at an ABT curriculum based school in NJ. The upper levels are getting weekly Balanchine style classes this summer and it is covered in the highest level, along with the stylistic differences with Vaganova and so on.

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There are many pre-professional schools in New York City and if you are willing to travel I suggest you took a good look at each of them. Keep in mind some of the schools (Ellison Ballet, JKO, SAB) have classes during the day that would preclude (either now or in the future) your daughter from attending her high school in New Jersey. Other schools (Ballet Academy East, Manhattan Youth Ballet, French Academie of Ballet) currently have their classes after school but you will have to take the commuting time into account to see if it is possible to get your daughter to the studio in time for the start of class.


All of these schools consider themselves pre-professional programs but only JKO and SAB are attached to professional companies. The other schools have had success placing their dancers in professional companies. Although these schools are well respected their training and philosophies are varied.


Most of these schools have auditions for the Fall in August and/or September. Perhaps your daughter should attend these auditions to get an idea of the teaching styles.

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For a Balanchine style school MYB cannot be beat. MYB's teachers (for the most part) are either dancers with NYCB or were dancers with NYCB or are currently on faculty at SAB there right now. So for Balanchine based style you couldn't do any better! A cautionary hint though, the SI that MYB runs at the end of August is FILLED with SAB students that are too young for sleep-away SI's. So if you go, remember that those students do not reflect the atmosphere at the year-round program. MYB has a lovely caring faculty that really fosters the young dancer, and the student body reflects that.

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Thanks for all of the information. DD is 10yo. She just finished two weeks at The Rock (first SI), and she's at Ballet Chicago now which is all Balanchine which is why I specified that. I am not that knowledgable about ballet. We will likely be in Rumson, Fairhaven, Little Silver area. I will look into all mentioned above.

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Imlove, my family lives in one of those towns! I could give you information on the local school and transportation to NYC. I would pm, but do not yet have those privileges. Admins, is there a way to put us in touch through email?

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queenie, you have PM privileges now . . . and Imlove only needs two more posts to get them, too. But, if you need to, as an adult, you may post your e-mail address here (although we suggest using all words, e.g. dotcom) and then edit your post to remove it once Imlove lets you know she has noted it.

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I am a dancer at the Red Bank school, the Academy of Dance Arts. If you have any questions, just ask me! Unfortunately, I don't have PM privileges yet.


No, the school is definitely not Balanchine, although I don't think your daughter would have too much trouble adjusting. We have teachers teaching many different techniques, not just RAD.


The Academy is pretty much the only decent ballet school in Monmouth County. Believe me, I've looked into many schools prior to coming here.


Before I went to the Academy, I went to a school in NYC.


The commute was about an hour long. Not too shabby. But I was still in elementary school. If your child is in middle/high school and has homework and all, that could be a little harder.


So ask away!

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