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Splits and hip alignment question


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Hopefully I'm putting this in the right place, but I have a question about the hips when in the splits. For "maximum benefit" if you will, how should the hips and legs be in the splits? Should the hips be completely square and pointing forward? Should the legs be turned out or should the knees be vertically aligned? I hope this question makes sense, just something I was thinking of while stretching last night.


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Since you're in Cross Talk, I can give this link to you to tide you over until a mod shows up.


Squared Hips in a Split


There are lots of threads to that effect, but this one was the first that came up that answered your question...


(if I overstepped, mods, sorry)

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Thank you, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for!! I just searched for "Splits" and didn't find much but this answers my question, thanks!!

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Ice-Dancer, all questions about technique need to go in the student forums, depending on your age, either YD 13-16, 17-22, or Adult Ballet Students. I have moved this to YD 13-16, so let me know if that is not the right one.

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Thank you Ice-dancer...I have moved this to the YD 17-22 forum.

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