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Alina Cojocaru to join ENB

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It has been announced that Alina is joining ENB. Under Tamara Rojo's directorship the company is going from strength to strength.


Another triumph is that one of their young dancers, Laurretta Summerscales won the gold medal at the Beijing International Ballet Competition. She had studied at the ENB school and is rapidly being promoted and given interesting roles.

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That's definitely a fantastic bonus for the company!

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Alina Cojocaru interview: 'I'll always be grateful - even for the lies'

This is not as sensational an interview as the title might suggest, but she does explain why she left the "regal red-and-gold curtains of Covent Garden" for the "municipal drapes of Milton Keynes Theatre."

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I think she is a good example for aspiring professionals and students -- when you don't get what you want you can either throw a tantrum, bad mouth everyone (which she didn't), stay and put up with it (which she also didn't), or take your wings and fly to create something amazing for yourself, regardless.



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I was very sad to hear she was leaving the Royal Ballet...
But, after extensive research I realized that as she said, she was not dancing much there...
Cojucaru is an outstanding artist, and will be much better off with the ENB...

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VladPereira, can you please take the advertising link out of your profile? Thank you so much!

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VladPereira, can you please take the advertising link out of your profile? Thank you so much!


I Appologize, I didn't know this forum didn't allow signatures... when I was editing my profile it gave me the option to do so and said:


Edit Signature
Your signature may contain:

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Hello Vlad-

We do allow signature lines, but we don't allow advertising of personal websites/blogs. The longer you are here contributing, and the more that people get to "know" you, I am sure they will be able to find you! Take a few minutes and check out how this website works. We are a ballet education site, but there are some things that dancers need doctors for, and one of the things we will not allow is any discussion about weight.

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Signature line, in general, is permitted (within reason) . Those prompts are part and parcel of the software.


However, the nature and content of a signature line must conform to the Rules and Policies of the Board that govern our Board. :wink:


(Posting at same time as Clara76.)

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Thank you for understanding. :thumbsup:


Looking forward to your contributions here!

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