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Articles: Breaking Pointe's Impact on Ballet West

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I am sure if it would be possible to replace those constant "premiers" of horror movies with programs like this, ballet and other art forms would become more popular in this country...

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I'd seen a lot of complaints about the lack of dancing on the show, and am glad to see an explanation about that. Interesting!

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According to the article, Breaking Pointe led to a quadrupling in the number students applying to BW's SI. I can believe that. I had barely heard of Ballet West when my DS received a scholarship offer at YAGP. I was planning to turn down the offer because the SI audition season had already resulted in several nice scholarship offers from some big name schools. BW just wasn't on our radar at all. When I told his AD about the offer and our plan to decline it, she reacted with something like, "Are you kidding? Breaking Pointe is putting Ballet West on the map! It's all about Salt Lake City right now, and you'd be crazy not to get on that!". So, he accepted the offer from BW.


I think that was a similar story for a lot of the kids at BW right now. He's seeing a lot of kids from last year's SI. When they spoke last year of what SI's they wanted to attend this year, BW never came up. But now with Breaking Pointe, that's where they all wanted to be.


At the SI, he's met and worked with some of the dancers featured on Breaking Pointe, and his summer RA is Josh Whitehead, the young corp dancer showing up in the Season 2 previews. It's a summer of "Dancing with the Stars" for him!

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