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This topic has probably already been addressed so if you can point me to the correct forum thread, that would be great!! thanks. if it hasn't, I'm just wondering, with so may referring to prepro schools... What does that mean to everyone? A school that is linked to a company? a school that offers daytime classes for homeschooled (or alternative schooled) kids?



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Guest Blossoming ballerina

As far as I can tell, a pre pro school is one training it students to be ready for a professional school.

We are in a pre professional school.


We homeschool and yes it suits us because we can drop everything and attend classes during the day. But boy do we have trouble fitting it all in


feel free to pm me



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Read through the link and it is a very helpful discussion for those reevaluating the home training opportunities after being away from the summer. Could I suggest combining threads/"bumping" the old thread for current comments?

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Yes. Well, maybe I should take my own advise and read through things before I go asking questions!! sorry about that! there are very good threads on this very question!!

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autumnrose-I will do it, but you could have done it yourself by simply following the link and adding your own comments or questions. Then it is bumped up. It doesn't take a moderator to do it. Just be sure to read through the thread before bumping to make sure it's what you want comments on.......

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