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South Carolina Governer's School of the Arts?

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I did not find a listing of their program in the pre-pro section. Anyone have information?


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Just did a search and couldn't find anything either. :shrugs:


Hopefully someone here has had some experience with it.

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My DD just graduated from SCGSAH this year. I will post tonight after work with details of the program and school.

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The South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities is residential public high school for emerging artists (creative writing, dance, drama, music and visual arts) in SC. DD attended the school for all 4 years of high school and just graduated this past May. Dancers now may apply for 10th-12th grades, and the other art areas attend for 11th and 12th grades, with a few exceptions for music "prodigies" who may attend in 10th grade. There is an application and audition process for each art area. As this is a state of SC public school, technically students must be residents of the state, but I know several instances of students who came to the school from other states. This is a very well-respected school in both art and academics and was ranked 59th I believe in the nation this year academically for public high schools. Not bad for a school created to give young artists a place to thrive.

Historically, the dance program has been very strictly Vaganova focused, with some training in modern and Russian character as well. Last year, a new chair was named for the dance department who is more modern focused and I hope that the school does not lose it's strong Vaganova training. The department has about 32-36 dancers (220 or so total student enrollment). Since last year was the first year with the new chair, not too many changes were made. However, I feel that may be different this year, but since DD graduated we do not have details of how the program will be run this year. The basic schedule I believe will continue - academic classes from 8:30am - 1:30pm, dance classes from 1:30pm - 5:30 or 6:00pm each day and classes for typically 4 hours or so on Saturdays. The department has 2 performances each year, 1 in November and 1 in May. The performance typically includes several classical pieces as well as several contemporary/modern pieces. Until last year, Robert Barnett came each semester and set a Balanchine piece on the students which was always a highlight.
Students from the dance program at SCGSAH have been accepted to and have attended many top SI's including ABT NY, Ballet West, San Francisco Ballet, Lines, Alvin Ailey, Orlando Ballet, Houston Ballet, Miami Ballet, just to name ones I can remember off the top of my head. At YAGP Atlanta this year, students from the school won 1st and 3rd places in classical for men, 3rd place classical for women, and 2nd place contemporary for women. 4 students went to the YAGP NY finals (3 males and 1 female) with 1 of the men making the final round in NY. From this year's graduating class, a female is attending Dominican University and Lines, a female is attending the Rock School, a female is attending UNCSA as a dance major, a female is attending the University of South Carolina as a ballet major, a female is joining Columbia Classical Ballet company,a male is attending the University of South Carolina as a ballet major, a male is attending Julliard as a dance major, and a male is joining Ballet West 2 company. There are 3 or so from the graduating class who are attending college and not pursuing dance. There are alum from the school dancing in professional companies and in great college programs all over the country.
I am very proud that DD graduated from this very special school. She received wonderful dance training, great academic schooling, and lived in a supportive environment where she was encouraged in her art as well her academics. Her graduating class of just 109 students garnered over 26million in scholarship offers! I am also proud to say my son will be attending the school this fall as a visual arts student.
Hope I've been able to answer some of your questions! If you need more information, just ask specific questions and I will do my best to answer!
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Is Staas still there? We have auditioned with him and saw his students perform at YAGP last year.

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Yes, Stas (Stanislav Issaev) is still at the school, although I do not definitively know what his role will be this school year. He did not teach at the school's summer program this year.

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Hoping to get some info on this program? I'm wondering why it isn't listed as a summer intensive with all the others?


From my research this school has turned out some amazing dancers. Last year I;m told they had a dancer go on to Juliard...


Any info??

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We have a short thread in the SI archives. My guess is that there just hasn't been anyone who recently attended on this board.

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The criteria for being in the dedicated thread SI Forum is four-fold:


1. National audition tour;

2. Demonstrated attendance beyond local/regional interest;

3. Greater than 2 or 3-week duration;

4. Residential housing available.


There are a few national/regional programs that are missing any one of the components that have been grandfathered into the Forum due to a consistent extended national interest in their programs over the years.


The year-round pre-professional programs have less stringent requirements for a dedicated thread, although we do send them to Archives if there is no activity over several years.

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I think that everyone is waiting to see what the new director does. The last director (a man) was amazing and we would have considered it. The new director has a modern/contemporary background and commutes from FL so if your daughter is interested in that - might be a good fit.


We toured it and looked at where the dancers are going to - and the only one that caught our attention was the Julliard one. Other schools tend to have more company bound graduates - but then again, it's all about what you are looking for. (Julliard is impressive! And the Governor's Schools academics are 2nd only to Academic Magnet in Charleston).


There is a dancer from CDI that goes there.

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