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Similar situation except a difference


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It obviously going to be your and your DH's decision, but what I would do is to keep his workload light for a few years and make sure he gets less training, but from the best teachers (in terms of the proper technique and knowledge of how to work with young kids like your DS). I would also make sure that he sees the great examples of ballet performances (on DVD, YouTube, even better live). In my opinion it's the desire and love to dance you need to nurture at this age, the desire that will be his driving force later on, if he chooses to stick with ballet.

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I think I have posted this before so forgive me for repeating if you already read it, but my DS did NOTHING until age 10, an hour or so a week until age 12, a few hrs a week til aged 13 and then went to vocational school. At age (very nearly) 16 his new ballet teacher (whose own children are both principal dancers at world famous ballet companies) is talking about entering him in YAGP and Prix de Lausanne next year and is of the belief that he will get a top 10 place. I'm personally not sure he's ready but notwithstanding he clearly is of a pretty decent standard. I would personally worry about burnout more than I would worry about quality of training at the tender age of 7!!! I am sure that the opportunity to try many other hobbies made DS better able to evaluate what it was he really wanted to do with his life (as well as allowing the rest of the family to have a life too).

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My DS didn't start dance until he was 10. He added additional classes slowly over the next few years. He is now 17 and has an offer for the Professional Division at Pacific Northwest ballet school. You don't have to start all that young and still be incredibly successful as a male in ballet.

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