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Questions about PrePros in Kansas area and also privates


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Hi all,



Trying to together a plan for my child after the SI we are at is over. We dont have many choices of ballet schools around KSU in Kansas.


Does anyone know of any prepro schools in our area? We are two hours from Kansas City.


I found a lady that does privates that is Vaganova and from Europe who is supposed to be excellent but they are 50 dollars an hour.



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$50 an hour is extremely reasonable for a private, actually. I would not do it for that. Plus, I don't think that privates are the way to train a child. At some point you will most likely have to get to Kansas City, but maybe not until he is a bit older on a full time basis. You could start, as I think we talked about before, by going in once a week.

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Hi Victoria,


What is the best way to use privates? refining technique? What are group classes better at accomplishing?

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On a once in a while/part time basis, for coaching, and for addressing particular problems that need fixing. I don't have time now to go into why classes are better, but there are a lot of posts about that.

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At DDs studio they're not allowed to take private lessons until Intermediate level. DD has done a few and will do lots more this upcoming year to work on a couple of specific issues. The AD and I set up a plan for her which also includes taking technique classes in a much lower level (in addition to her own level) just to make her think about the basics and fine tune. Her AD said it's crucially important to have the constant repetition of classes also, not just the concentrated focus that privates give you (hope that was OK to post, Ms Leigh!).


And $50/hr is VERY reasonable. :)

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yes i totally see that the repetition is absolutely imperative. Just trying to come up with a solution with a limited amount of resources without having to live away from family or drive 4 hrs round trip.


Thank you for the feedback. I agree it isnt ideal but its so he can get more ballet time pretty much.

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To add my two cents......if you could get enough technique classes by going to (if necessary) more than one studio, perhaps you could have a conversation with the private instructor that she could have a role of filling in the gaps/enhancing on a regular basis, sort of like a "manager". That way her role would be defined and it would put those sessions to good use. Good luck!

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yes! we are going to two studios, one studio is a small group with a former ABT dancer, the other group is a regular group for 8 year olds+ and the other would be the private with the former Russian dancer, so it would be three total per week plus maybe one other group if we can find one that will fit. Doesnt quite compare to the 12 hrs he would get a week at pre pro but dont know what else to do to keep the family in one place. We could perhaps go to Kansas city once a week but honestly it would start wearing on all of us I believe.


he can do a modern class but not sure if that would be advisable? thoughts?

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How old is DS? Modern can be a wonderful accompaniment to ballet if he already has a solid foundation but at least at our studio students are typically at least 12 and have had at least 4 years of formal ballet instruction under their belts first.

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At 7, dancers at our pre-pro are still doing ballet 1hr/week. :) Some of them add tap or jazz, and those classes are also 1hr/week.At 8 or 9, if they're ready, it goes up to 2x1hr classes/week, and then 2x1hr15min classes/week. Not until they're 10 or 11 do they go up to 3classes/week ballet. :) I'm only a Mom, but I would think if you already have him in 2 separate ballet classes/week that would be plenty for a 7yo, at least if you look at what most well-renowned places offer at that age. Good luck!! :)

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Clara76 has provided a List of Age Appropriate Guidelines that is pinned to the top of each of the Parent Forums.


Perhaps consulting that set of Age Guidelines will help you make some of your decisions regarding a 7 year old. :)

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