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Silly holiday like anticipation

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So I just need to ramble a little bit


[begin Ramble]


I am well over 50 (male) and have worked my way back to about an intermediate level over the course of the past three years and am a week away from my first ever Summer Intensive (in Denver) and for whatever reason I am getting nervous and a little excited. This somewhat normal? I’m not working for a position anywhere, nothing is in the balance with how I do over the two week course. This is strictly for me. So why the silly holiday like anticipation


[/End Ramble]

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I guess because you love what you are doing and this summer intesive is important for you. That's great and I think it is the right spirit: to care for it and take it seriouse. As long as you remember to have fun, don't let yourself disturb by the nervouseness!


Enjoy yourself!

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I think its perfectly normal to be anxious/nervous/excited about doing something new and meeting new people! Have fun :clapping:


Oh, and please let us know how it goes! I really want to try an SI/camp next year, and have been trying to gather info about them all so I can compare and pick. One in Denver would be nice, as its my former hometown, so I could totally stay with friends and save myself hotel-room costs.

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Thanks Claude_Catastrophique and morninglorie.


SI has been modified to allow the adults to use their punch cards so its not going to be a SI that most people think of and will allow the choice of dropping in for classes....Adults what are you going to do with them? :rolleyes:


I've already take then time off of work and plan on attending all of the classes regardless.

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That's great! Tell us how it was. I am right now attending my summer intensive and this year it is even more fun than in the last couple of years.

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Oh, that's great! Have a wonderful time! I don't think it's silly you're feeling the way you are; I'm sure I'd be feeling similarly.

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You are certainly not silly! In just over two weeks, I leave my home in Perth, Western Australia to travel to Richmond, VA, for the Sunking Dance Camp there, and later on their next camp in Saratoga Spring, NY. I am so excited that I am having sleepless nights already, just lying in bed thinking about the fun times to come. I have been twice before, so I know it's going to be awesome!


And why not get excited in anticipation of something you enjoy so much? Then you get all the fun of the anticipation, as well as the pleasure of the reality!

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