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I have been doing my splits everyday for the past 3 weeks, I usually do them every few days or so but I've been trying to really push myself to become more flexible. I have my right splits down,my left is about 5 inches off the ground and my middle is about 7 inches off the ground. I noticed that almost every time I try to do my middle splits I get really bad cramps in my thighs. I also noticed that while I'm trying to do my left splits, I have been getting this sharp pain in the back of my knee and it's only on my left leg. It has only been feeling that way ever since I started doing them every day. I also feel a bit of pain in the back of my left knee after I finish doing my left splits. I am afraid that I might be pulling a muscle or tendon in the back of my left knee. Am I supposed to be feeling this kind of pain or am I overreacting?


Thank You,


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Pain is a very good signal that you are pushing too much. Especially when it the knees are involved. When are you doing these splits? Are you in class and finished a full barre, or immediately after the class? If not, then you should not be doing them, any of them, period.

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Nope. Not good. Splits are a stretch for flexibility. Flexibility stretches need to be done ONLY when you are properly warmed up.

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I have the exact same problem with the pain behind left knee after stretching out my splits! Thanks for the help :happy:

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