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Going away vs. staying home


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I recently went to a summer intensive and I improved so much. It got me thinking about going to a year round ballet academy. I defiantly am getting the best possible training in my area rounding its defiantly not the best I can do. So is it possible maybe if I work a lot harder here at home I can get the same results as a year round ballet school or is year round the way to go?

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Hello primaballerina37. welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!


It is really impossible for us to answer that question without knowing more about you, like your age, your current level of training, and how many hours of ballet and pointe technique you have per week. We don't know you yet, don't know anything about your training or what is available in your area. If you could give us a better idea of this, perhaps we can help. If your training is not a pre-professional program, then it might be necessary for you to go away to a year round ballet school. But there are many places where the training is very good, and you might not have to do that, or might need to wait until you are a bit older.


(Please answer the email I sent you this afternoon. It was mailed from Contact Us at Ballet Talk for Dancers.)

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I'm 13 years old, I have very archy banana feet. Lots of people tell me I have the best feet they've seen. I have long legs and a short torso and long arms. I take 4 ballet classes per week and 1 hour of pointe per week plus rehersal every week en pointe which is 5 hours. hours I also do competition dancing which is ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary. I usually have 5 or 6 dances with and hour reversal for them each week. I'm not sure what level I'm considered to be but when I went to Joffrey I was with all the other 13/14 year olds so whatever the normal level is then that's what I am. The training I get should probably be a high level of recreation, not a pre professional. we have had professional dancers from our studio but they didn't go to very large company's and they're not with their company's anymore for whatever reason. Wherever people I go people tell me I have so much potential and I just want to be able to reach my potential and I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that where I am

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I think that at 13, it would be a good time to start auditioning for residential and year-round programs, provided you have your family's support. If you begin auditioning, and if you are accepted to prestigious programs with scholarships, then it may be time to have that conversation with your family.

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Primaballerina37, the topic you started last night duplicated this one, therefore I removed it and merged Clara 76's response here. I missed responding back in July, as I left for vacation at that time, but I apologize for not answering after you provided the information I had asked for. Somehow I missed your response. :o


I do need to ask you to please read the rules and policies for the YD board, as one of the main things is that young dancers are not allowed to respond to questions with advice, only with their own anecdotal experiences. And, young dancers are not allowed to respond at all until AFTER a Teacher Moderator has responded. We had to remove two of your posts last night.

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So sorry about that miss Leigh. I was looking through the rules after I posted and realized I made a mistake. Sorry about that

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That's okay, prima, you are still a "newbie". :) We all make mistakes, and as long as we learn from them, all is good.

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