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Television: Breaking Pointe on the CW-Season 2

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A place to discuss the new season of Breaking Pointe.

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Glad my DDs were at a performance tonight and missed all the wild party scenes. I'm sure their whole SI group will watch it in the dorms next week. I'm hoping the whole season isn't going to be a drunk fest.

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Missed half of the show for breaking storm warnings on my local channel. :( But from what I was able to see, I'm hoping future episodes actually show a bit more dancing and less drama!

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I totally agree. Way too much ridiculous drama and not enough dancing. So far I am not too excited to watch again next week, but will continue to see what happens with Ronnie and his injured foot. Looks really bad and I hope he will slow down and let it heal properly. Tonight's show is showing that relationships can complicate a dancers life. Sad that one of the dancers is considering giving up her career for a guy. Hopefully they can work it out so that both can achieve their careers.

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The character emphasis sort of changed. Last season, all the characters were very serious about dance-- obsessing over every detail, choosing dance over relationships, etc. It seems like last night was a 180 degree turn-around: Zach seemed more interested in gossiping and acting the drama queen than dancing (did we even see him dance?); Alyson is considering quitting to pursue a relationship; Sylver is a party-girl that squeals a lot and has an attitude of "it's not rocket science-- it's JUST ballet!".


My son is at BW right now, and he watched it last night with Josh Whitehead (his RA). I thought Josh was the only new character presented in a positive light. I look forward to talking with my DS today to see how Josh reacted to the show (from what I understand, it would be his first time watching it too).

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I was disappointed with all the emphasis on drinking and Silver (is that the blonde girl's name) saying they were going to get drunk. I like watching the show with DD because it gives her a little view of what company life could be like, now I wonder what the motive was. Was it to show that dancers have fun just like the next guy? I don't want my daughter to think this is ok that people get drunk and are fine to perform in top notch condition. Of course the company members who were eating healthy, and home getting their rest were at home not being filmed. OK I am old but drinking out of people's belly buttons? What is that? I never saw that. I think it is just plain gross and I was happy DD thought that it was gross too! Where is the dancing!!!

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I think they are trying to appeal to a broader audience with parties and drunken drama. It is becoming more of a mainstream reality show. The previews for next week look even worse. My 14yo dd also noted that Beckanne is not of legal age to drink, but was obviously drunk.

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Add me to the disappointed list. Thankfully, DD was totally digusted with all of the partying and stupid drama. It's bad enough to talk about and show it all once, but they keep rehashing it all again and again. The previews for next week looked like one big continuation of what's already going one. DD pointed out that there was a Gatorade commercial during the show showing football players working super hard and the dancers are just being shown as only caring about getting stupid drunk or gossiping. She was not happy.

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We meant to show this program to our 12yo, but sadly there was nothing to see there from the ballet point of view.

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Another note to the dancers of BW. My 14yo dd idolizes Beckanne. When she saw her drunk, she told me that her opinion of her has lessened.

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I was very disappoint with the show even showing under aged drinking the way they did. What a horrible example! Shouldn't an underage dancer have repercussions for behavior like this?

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Another note to the dancers of BW. My 14yo dd idolizes Beckanne. When she saw her drunk, she told me that her opinion of her has lessened.


Mine said essentially the same thing. She also noted that Beckanne was under the legal drinking age. She seemed really impressed with Christianne and Christopher Ruud and wants to audition for BWII. Ian seems like he would be an interesting person to follow ... sort of the male "Beckanne" of this season.

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I was very surprised to see BW2 (basically 18 year olds) partying with the company members. I assume this was for the sake of cameras.

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