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Television: Breaking Pointe on the CW-Season 2

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Adam Sklute told my daughter this summer that this was it. Too difficult having them shoot during rehearsal and too much emphasis on the drama and not enough on the ballet. Guess we'll see...

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True confession: DD and I have not watched the last 3 shows, most likely due to her easing back into the routines of school, homework and ballet 5 days a week, but in part because we are just not interested anymore. Tired of the manufactured relationship drama and not enough dancing to sustain our initial interest.

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Very boring, contrived episode. It won't be missed. Very poorly written "reality" show.

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I hope that was it. As much as I would love to watch a program about real ballet company, this was so uneventful and boring... Poor Rex though, I think Allison can treasure only the things she doesn't have at the moment...

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Just watched the last episode.... even with the warts, drama and more... maybe it will open the door to other dance shows, which in turn will help bring more attention and money to the arts. At least that is my hope.

And for what its worth, I just want to muzzle Silver.

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Me too- about Silver. Weird that she went to Ca. and is not on the roster for this year......

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I felt the finale was a little easier to watch than a couple of episodes leading up to it - primarily because the situation between Chris and Christiana was minimized a bit. I know we've discussed at length how reality shows are manufactured (and the extent that producers will set up certain situations) but I find it interesting that C&C might have been already separated during filming (Utah has a 90-day waiting period, and their divorce was finalized in March). On the show, though, it looks like they were in a holding pattern until after Cinderella.


I wonder if the divorce means there will still be no talking between the two while at ballet - I don't know how much they dance together normally (aside from Sugar Plum & Cavalier in The Nutcracker last year), but that would be very awkward for them and for the other dancers.


For what it's worth, I think this show has opened up the world of ballet to people who might not otherwise be inclined to watch. While waiting for the episode to air, I looked at trending topics on twitter and a couple of tweets were from people who were even considering to go to SLC just to see Ballet West perform. Now, whether or not that actually happens, who knows - but even if people don't go to SLC to see BW, maybe they'll check out professional or regional companies closer to where they live.

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I think there were a few timeline issues including the Allison/Jonathan, Allison/Rex situation. She said something about having wasted the last 4 years not being with Rex, or something to this affect, which doesn't make sense.


It was nice to see most of the dancers happy in their lives at the end. The LA event seemed a bit odd too me, very small and . . . I don't know, just odd. I am aware of the galas and ticketed benefit events, but not like this. This is far from my world. Is this typical of a private donor event for ballet?


GretchenStar, I hope you are correct with your rosy outlook.

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Thank you Mdballetmom for taking the words right out of my mouth! hahahaha

And for what its worth, I just want to muzzle Silver.

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Coco, I think events similar to this are not especially unusual. It is far from my world as well, but through my daughter's experiences, I have come to understand that there are some generous donors who truly ADORE the companies/dancers which they support and go to great lengths to promote them.

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Ceecee, thank you for the response and it is nice to know. Hopefully, BW will get some support from the event and perhaps others who can but never thought of supporting ballet will consider.

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