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Television: Breaking Pointe on the CW-Season 2


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This sounds so childish to me... If they capture you drinking and partying (while you ARE drinking and partying) then what can you say later on? That you didn't do it? That it was spring water and not tequila? (by "you" I meant BW, of course :dizzy: )


...once footage is shot, Ballet West really has no say in how it's put together for the show.

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I was so disappointed. Dd (11) watched it with me and I was so embarrassed by the partying scenes, I kept changing the channel and going back to see if they were dancing yet. I don't care about seeing them shopping for alcohol for their party, that lasted way too long, and the party scenes were so bad. I'd rather see them in the studio, and so would dd. She won't watch it with me again if last nights show was representative oft he season. And I likely won't watch it either, it was boring and not at all what I liked about it last year.

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I understand that BW has zero input once the footage is shot; but I really wish they had cautioned the dancers more. This is a show I would have loved to watch with my DS; but as it is, I feel like I have to erase it from my DVR before he can watch any of it!!


I think if their audience is people who don't know much about ballet but like reality TV, they'd be better off approaching this from the aspect of how *hard* ballet can be and how the dancers are strong/hard workers/athletically talented, etc. Make people see how these dancers make strength look gorgeous and tell a story while they are at it. I honestly think they'd get a lot of people who would want to go see a ballet just based on realizing that it's so much more than they thought and that there's something to appreciate/understand in a ballet beyond pretty costumes. The whole BWII thing could have been used to explain the arduous journey dancers make between showing up in a wee leotard when they're three, through all the winnowing/effort/blood-sweat-tears, to be one of very, very few who dance professionally. Hoop Dreams did it for basketball; why not do this for ballet?


Ronnie's foot, the casting of Cinderella, and whatshername (Alison?) having to choose between career/dance can be more than enough drama if they wanted to make an intelligent show.


I really hope Ronnie's foot heals.



P.S. I wish they had chosen someone other than Zac if they felt the need to focus on a gay dancer. Either just focus on them as "dancers" without label or choose someone who isn't a cartoon.

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I agree with HuckleberryDawg. As the parent of a DS, the allure of this show last year was how it showed (or aimed to) the dedication, commitment, positives and negatives/trials and tribulations of making it as a professional dancer, while shedding light on BW itself. I was very disappointed by the first episode last night and wasn't sure what the point was of showing such stupid behavior at the 'party' (belly drinking--really, I didn't watch Jersey Shore and don't want to with Breaking Pointe).


I absolutely would like to see more of BWII, in terms of their training, what they go through to make it into the Company, or other companies... I'm a little surprised that Alison is considering giving up her career (already) but wonder if her comments are more scripted than real life....though, I can understand if she is struggling with this kind of decision.


Anyway, I am really hoping that they focus more on dancing and substantive relationship/interpersonal issue and even the politics of a ballet company, vs. silly, somewhat irresponsible and unnecessary activities which really serve no purpose and certainly won't drive viewership, IMO...

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I agree that the partying scene was over the top, and I was really disappointed in Beckanne. BW should be embarrassed. I wonder what their AD and board of directors thinks after seeing this behavior? I'm interested in seeing the things I want to see, but wish I didn't have see it filtered through wine lenses.

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Twinkle Mom

If they are trying to reach an audience that knows nothing about ballet why in the world would they want to represent it like this, in such an ugly light! It's a bad reflection on the art as well as Ballet West. It may be a wonderful company with wonderful dancers but that is not who they are showing us they are!


Spot on, Violet1!

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You all make wonderful points of areas the CW could have/should have focused on...hopefully they will change direction because I read that Breaking Pointe had only 540,000 viewers last night which was half the audience of the first premiere.

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P.S. I wish they had chosen someone other than Zac if they felt the need to focus on a gay dancer. Either just focus on them as "dancers" without label or choose someone who isn't a cartoon.

So agree with this. . . . And the PDA. Kind of over the top. Maybe every co has a dancer like this. He certainly was all about the docu DRAMA. Now let's see how he functions as a dancer.

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We can't forget that this show is trying to get an audience beyond dance kids. And like it or not, companies are composed of young people- 20 somethings who drink and party. We want it to be more documentary-ish with focus on dancing and training and the dedication etc... but that would not appeal to the masses. I do think they tried to create drama... but what reality show doesn't? And anyone who thinks a reality show is "reality" needs to wake up! Maybe there's an over-the-top gay male dancer... but (and I mean no offense here whatsoever) there are also straight male dancers which may be a big surprise to the masses.


From my 30,000 foot view... a show about a ballet company (warts, drama and all) is better than no show about a ballet company.

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I think that we may want the people to be as amazing as their dancing, but as mentioned above, they are just regular college age kids. And, honestly, as mature/responsible as we think all of our kids are, the truth is that they have spent so much time doing ballet that's it's possible that they are less socially mature in many ways than the non-dancer. Before everyone jumps on this comment, let me clarify by saying that many of these kids (our ballet talk kids and the younger BW) have skipped parties over the years, etc so I would not expect them to be more mature socially than the average college kid. We can declare they are role models, but just because they have the natural talent, ability, dedication, etc to have done well career wise, it is ridiculous to assume that they are saints.


I was a bit surprised at the body shots but then it really showed you just how young they are. We've all seen the couple that's always breaking and making u,p and the one kid who is always involved even though it has nothing to do with them. I think that's its inspiring a bit in that we think that it's always the perfect kids that "make it" but this shows that they are all just regular people.


That said, I really hope we see a lot more dancing soon. I agree that it would be nice to see more of the staging of Cinderella and the recovery of the injured dancers and how that all goes.

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Ugh. Shows like this make me lose brain cells. I am out, sadly, even though I love watching this company when they are actually doing their job.

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I thought there was a little too much "drama" outside of ballet - didn't need to see Ronnie and Silver shopping for the party. Except for when Ronnie drove his wheelchair into the banana stand which served as a visual reminder not to drive and use a cellphone at the same time.


As for the party - I personally wouldn't want to be there (even when I was that age), and yes, it's a bit of a surprise to see ballet dancers behaving like that, but we have to remember that dancers (even underaged ones) do get drunk and do body shots. I get that reality shows are heavily edited, but there are some stuff that you just can't edit in. Doing body shots would be one of those things. Beckanne may have damaged her reputation, but at the same time, maybe not. How much do directors care about stuff like this? (Are they even watching?).


As for Zach - well, I am just assuming that he's overly dramatic off-camera.


I'm looking forward to seeing the rehearsals and the "selection" of Cinderella. It's interesting that even though BW has a hierarchy, it isn't that rigid. Even demi-soloists or soloists can be candidates for Cinderella.

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watching in awe

Ditto! Very disappointed! What can I say that hasn't already been said! Very poor choice of new characters. I may give it one more shot, well maybe not.

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