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Noisy couru en pointe


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Basically what the title says - my couru en pointe seems to be quite loud... I don't know if this is the shoe or my technique but I am wondering how I can get rid of the noise?

Thanks in advance :happy:

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If your shoes are new the movement will be quite loud. I liken it to furiously typing!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, pointe_shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As Miss vrsfanatic said- they will become less loud as you work in them.

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I have had them for a while now and I am already planning to get new ones soon! They are quite soft but they still make the noise!

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Ah! Then it becomes an articulation matter. As the feet leave the floor they should go through flat or flexed if we are en plié, to 1/4 pointe, 1/2pointe, 3/4pointe, and finally full pointe. The process reverses when landing from a jump, or any time we take a step. If you continue to work on articulation your shoes should get quieter. If they don't, then you're not doing lift-off properly.

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No banging shoes on the floor unless they are to be worn immediately after in performance. :wink: Young dancers need to work on articulation and need to learn how to make the shoes quiet using their technique :thumbsup: Plus, banging them wears the platform, pleat area, and block out significantly faster, meaning you will be going through shoes too fast.

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