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Choice between Mabel Ryan and Int. exam


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Well, my very long and emotional story can be shortened to the following: When I was doing my Grade 5 Cechetti exam last year, I was confident and had a good chance of competing for and winning the Mabel Ryan award awarded for Grade 5. I did my exam and qualified, but because of a (rather large) mistake on the part of the examiner, my name was not added to the list of competitors and I was unable to compete. :crying: I received a letter from Cechetti apologising and stating that they would let me compete this year as a "special guest competitor". Now that time of the year has rolled around again and I must decide if I want to do the competition or my Intermediate Exam. If I do the competition I will have to do my exam next year. My biggest problem then is that I am already in Grade 9, and I aim to finish Advanced 1 and maybe Adv. 2 before I matriculate, which my teacher says is quite possible, in order for me to do my teacher's right after matric or in matric. Therefore the answer sounds obvious, but I am still hanging in to the possibility of a career in dance. So, my (extremely long winded) question is: How much will the award help me go into a career in dance? Is it worth it to postpone my exam for the chance of winning the award? What I really mean is, will it be considered when I audition for a company or will it only be my current level of dancing and ability and skill considered? Thanks :)


Rereading my post, it seems as if I am angry with Cechetti (country branch) and my examiner, but I assure you that this is NOT the case! :)

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The award will make no difference at all to a professional career. Yes, an award can be listed on a resume and in a professional dancer's bio, but ADs typically don't look at your paperwork until they become interested in you. So the bigger picture is that you have to impress an AD in person- not on paper. :thumbsup:

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Thank you Clara76! I have decided to do my Intermediate exam and I hope to win that award instead! Thanks :flowers:

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