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Ballet Talk for Dancers

feeding them!


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hi tropicfive! thanks for the tips. Glad to hear that there is room for a 6'4" dancer- sometimes we wonder if he will just get TOO tall. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he equalled your son. Sounds like he is doing pretty darn well and I appreciate your experienced thoughts. :flowers:

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we also usually have some kind of bean in the fridge (eat AFTER the ballet class with the plies).




This whole thread is great and very informative, thanks everyone!

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Thanks for the ideas. DS burns so many calories we are having a hard time keeping weight on him. I'd already gone back to whole milk and cooking with butter but was beginning to think everything else on his plate would have to be dipped in peanut butter or hummus to add a little more protein.

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I hope it's okay for me to post here. Although I do have a DS in ballet, he's just a little guy. I also have a teen son, who is tall, also an athlete (not ballet), and some days just stands in front of the fridge and eats, and tips are coming from how we cope with feeding my older son.


We probably go through at least 4 dozen eggs a week (whole family, not just him). Ds doesn't really cook much, be he will make himself hard boiled eggs, and omelettes when he's feeling peckish. We stock a variety of fresh herbs, peppers, and fresh (not cured) sausages, pesto, and parmesan so he can keep the omelettes interesting.


If I'm making pancakes, I usually modify the recipe and triple the amount of eggs it calls for to boost the protein content (it turns out a bit more like a crepe, but it still tastes okay).


My crock pot is my best friend. We eat a variety of stews, with lots of root vegetables, sweet potatoes, and cassava (if you can't get it fresh, you should be able to find it at a latin american food store or in the frozen food section in the grocery store), just to give a break from potatoes. The bonus of this, is that it's thermos friendly so he can take it with him, and seems to satiate him, midday.


Sometimes I use my crock pot to make oatmeal overnight (I set the timer so it starts cooking on the low setting at around 2:00 am). I family favourite is to use half buttermilk for the liquid, and throw in some chopped, dried apricots and steel cut oats. It makes for a pretty satisfying breakfast, with the added bonus of being ready when we wake up. Ds is usually ravenous when he wakes up, and this seems to satisfy him.


I make avocado milkshakes by blending avocadoes, milk, dates, a dash of vanilla and coconut milk, as well as avocado pudding with avocadoes, dates, raw cacao powder, and only enough coconut milk to get it to the right consistency.


We buy nuts and dried fruit in bulk, and ds puts together his own trail mix type of blend. Some favourites for just eating raw are cashews and and almonds. If I'm feeling ambitious, I might make spicy sunflower seeds, or tamari almonds, and those are usually a pretty big hit.


We keep a couple of type of hummus on hand, and try to keep a large supply of whatever produce is in season available. We have a couple of fruit bowls going at any given time - one on the table, and one on the counter, so he will usually grab something from one of the bowls, on his many trips to the kitchen. I once spotted him snacking on a piece of fruit, while contemplating the contents of the fridge.


We also buy boxes of Larabars when they're on sale.

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