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Ballet Schools in Louisiana - New Orleans area

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Looking for information regarding ballet training in the New Orleans area. If RAD is not available, what other credentials are recommended? Thank you in advance. This is my first post, so I hope I am doing this right!

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Welcome to bt4d, Merde!


I am not personally familiar with schools in New Orleans - hopefully someone else will be able to help you.


Meanwhile, take some time to meander about our site!




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Hi, Merde,


I just (this week!) made a website and a facebook page to keep track of studios in New Orleans offering drop-in classes for teens and adults. [. . . .]


If you could give me a sense of you/your dancer's age, technique level, and interest, I could give you more specific advice. I don't believe any studio in town offers RAD.



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Annietoes, please feel free to share your first-hand information with New Orleans area studios/classes here on BT4D for the benefit of other members, as that is exactly what this thread (and BT4D, in general) is for. :thumbsup:

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Hi, Dance Maven,


Exactly what rule did I break here? I'm sharing a resource for dance education in the town that the OP asked about. I made this resource this week out of my own frustration re: how difficult it is to find/keep track of classes for local and visiting dancers (because frankly there aren't that many and the ones that do happen are not well advertised). I do not benefit in any way from the site other than as a dancer hoping to build a better dance scene in my town. "If you find a (ballet!) web site of interest, one that is not a discussion forum like Ballet Talk for Dancers, that you'd like to share, please feel free to post a link to it." This is exactly what I did.



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Thanks for the welcome! I have been meandering and lurking the last few days. I appreciate all input. Thanks so much!

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Ann- I would love the info. Is there a way to message here? I was looking for recommendations as well.

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Merde, unfortunately you need 30 posts to have private messaging privileges. I do concur with Annietoes that there are very few pre-pro studios in town and they really don't advertise. I have seen Annie's website and can vouch for the thoroughness of her research. Perhaps dancemaven will allow you to post your email address so that Annie can send the link to you as well as to make recommendations.

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My dancer is 11. She has danced since age 2 and taken ballet including pre-pointe this past year, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern. She has competition experience, but is ready to focus on technique and ballet. She has performed in the Nutcracker the past four years. We live on the Northshore.

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Annietoes, we do not permit links to personal websites, blogs, or Facebook pages, which has been stated many times. We also require first-hand information on these threads.


The whole purpose of BT4D is to share our experiences and exchange information on the Board. If all the information is shared only off-Board why should we bother to maintain these threads?


Lastly, our Rules and Policies require that members with issues regarding moderation decisions contact the Moderators via PM rather than via the open Board. If you continue to have concerns about this action or explanation, please use that method.


Once again, I encourage you to share your first-hand information regarding schools in the New Orleans area here for the benefit of all our members. :)

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Hope Stone has two locations: Houston and New Orleans. They offer open adult classes and a young children's program. We can vouch for the Houston open adult classes -excellent with an eclectic attendance that includes professional dancers from around the Houston area. I've learned about different dance programs, dancewear stores, and area companies just by talking to people while waiting in the lobby for DD. http://hopestoneinc.org/

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Joseph Giacobbe in Meterie has produced many beautiful dancers, very Balanchine based school. They are home to the only professional company in NOLA, Delta Festival Ballet, and also New Orleans Youth Ballet. Harvey Hysell (I know I butchers the spelling) had an amazing program, but I have not heard one way or the other recently after the new directors took over. That would be my two top choices in NOLA. In Mandeville, across the lake near Covington, Constantin Apetri had a wonderful program as well. Not sure in recent years. Will you be in New Orleans proper, or in a sububerb?

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Thank you backstagemom. I checked it out and liked them on FB as well. It appears they are more developed in Houston, but I will investigate further.


Fraildove, thank you for the information. I have been doing a lot of research and my daughter took summer classes at Giacobbe Metiarie. I plan to register her at Giacobbe in Slidell. I will look into both Hysell and Aperti as I am on the Northshore. Do you know anything about Schramel and the New Orleans Ballet Theatre's Summer Intensive?

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I don't, but might know someone who does. She is an adult ballet student but performs at a pretty high level and has very recently been dancing in and around New Orleans. She is a member her, so I will message her and direct her to this thread.

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