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Break After SI Question


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I just finished up at my summer intensive today. I have four weeks before I go and start at my new prepro school. I was wondering how long of a break I should take--I did not have a break before my intensive started, so I'm pretty tired right now, but I don't want to lose any of the progress I've made. I won't be dancing till Wednesday at least, so I have a few days off right now, since we are taking a short vacation, but once I get back home, should I start classes again? I'm planning to crosstrain and go swimming.

One last question--the preprofessional program I'm going to has about 4 1/2 hours of classes a day, 6 days a week. How many ballet classes should I start taking in the final weeks before the school year program starts? I don't want to arrive too out of shape :pinch:

Thank you! :)

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I think you can rest for a week, then start taking some local open classes or whatever is available for the next 3 weeks. Try to get the schedule by the 4th week to look like the first week at the new school!

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Wondering if I could add on since I have the same question? I had maybe a three week break between year round and intensive, and I took about three open classes a week then. Now I have a little more than a month till year round. I can only take about two open classes and 1-2 pilates classes a week. I've been doing barre and basic abs at home, but I'm scared I might regress because I felt like I gained so much at my SI!

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swan#7, I think if you do the two classes and the Pilates, and some basics at home you will be fine. As Clara 76 said, try to do more the last week before classes start, and don't forget to do some pointe work or your feet will be quite unforgiving the first week back!

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