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Music skipping bars in competition


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A few days ago I was performing a classical pointe solo in a competition when the music started skipping bars at a time and then jumping forwards and backwards, I wasn't sure what to do at the time so I carried and adjusted the dance. A lot of other dancers also had problems with their music not playing (It was found out that that was the way that their teachers had copied it for them) while there was a couple of dancers whose music also skipped (It was found out that it was the cd player). The dancers when their music wouldn't play were given a second go and their first marks discarded while the dancers whose music skipped were marked on their first go and although they were given a second go it wasn't marked.


Do you think that this is fair and reasonable (We were competing for relatively major prizes and had qualified to be there) and also if you know the policy that most competitions have when dancers have music problems that would be good thanks.....



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Nothing about competitions is fair and reasonable. :shrug:


I'm sorry that happened to you. :(

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Thanks for replying..... What do you think I should have done, would it have been better to have run off or muddle through to the end like I did? As it was my first time in a competition I wasn't sure what to do and have,have mixed responses from other teachers so am a bit confused.....



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Monbro13, as Clara76 says, nothing about competition is fair. Remember this experience the next time you decide to enter a competition. The fair way to handle it obviously would be to give everyone equal opportuity, but they did not handle it that way. The only control you have is to never enter that competition again.

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