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Movies: Mariinsky Swan Lake in 3D

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So excited this is coming to a small town near me! DD and I are looking forward to seeing this.

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I saw it a couple of weeks ago and I was very disapointed in the ending!!! But that is just my opinion, others may like it...


The corps were very good. I felt her Odile was good, but I would have liked some more emotion from her Odette, but it was by no means a bad portrayal. Technically very lovely from the whole company. The character dancing is FANTASTIC. You can really see they understand and display the character styles very, very well :)


Worth seeing - although I did find it took a little bit of adjusting to watching ballet in 3D, there was a lot of motion blur sometimes as I don't think 3D is really made for ballet! But certainly worth the money :)

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