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Class Uniform is Vague


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My son (age 13) signed up for a beginner ballet class at a new ballet studio. The class uniform for boys begginer is vague. I'm not familiar with ballet clothing.
Here is the class uniform:white shirts,black warmups or shorts, black ballet slippers,white socks are optional.





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If you google "boys ballet class" and click on images you will see typical boys outfits for dance.

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It sounds similar to ours, where most of the boys wear black pants (worst case scenario track pants) or shorts to class. My son actually wants to wear the 'real' gear. I'd call and ask what most of the boys wear so he doesn't feel out of place. Could be soccer style shorts or bike shorts, quite a difference!

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They are probably trying not to scare the beginner boys away by asking to them wear tights :))).

I would also ask what do other boys usually wear to that class.

DS's dress code is white short-sleeve leotard and black tights, black slippers.

Congratulations on starting ballet!

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I would recommend wearing crew (thigh high) socks with shorts.only because thin your slippers wont get as smelly. the shorts that my son had to wear as a beginner were the bike tight fitting shorts that covered the thigh. he also wore a tight fitting white shirt.

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At least were I am from, very few teen boys wear thigh high socks. Mine wears socks that stop at the ankle.

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I contacted the school where he will be dancing at they said to wear athletic shorts that are black. they also emphasided the point of them being short. my other quwstion is when my son went to slip on his slippers at the store. the store said that he shouldnt wear socks as a guy.

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If the school says he can wear socks, it's an option. My son doesn't like how the shoes feel on his bare feet. He has a pair of the freed ballet socks, but also just wears thin white ankle socks from his sock drawer sometimes.


He wears soccer shorts, which are shorter than basketball or board style shorts. Of course, he's also a soccer player, so we have a ton of them.

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My son loves these: http://www.amazon.com/Jefferies-Socks-Boys-Liner-White/dp/B003PGQRWG/ref=sr_1_19?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1375393430&sr=1-19, but now he likes to wear footed tights for his classes because black slippers and white socks are not cool anymore (after he saw older boys at his SI) :)

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DS studio has the boys wear black bike style shorts. Also he prefers white crew type socks. The shoes can REALLY get ripe without them.

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I have sons who dance. I purchase shorts from the girls department of a national discount store for $3.88. Plain snug black cotton lycra shorts (Kinda bike, not quite booty shorts). My 16 yr old wears the ones from the women's department. That way when they lose them I don't have a fit! If you have the money you can get "dance" ones from a dance retailer.


I also buy multi pack white cotton package t-shirts for the younger ones and lycra polyester ones for the older boys in the men's department of the same discount store for around $10.


My guys wear thin very short black sweat socks. The cheap ones are thin and from the same discount store (begins with a W). They wear their ballet shoes with socks til they outgrow them, then remove the socks and wear them til they fall apart. Canvas is great because you can hand wash if necessary.


Where we spend the money is on ballet shoes and dance belts. Good M. Stevens tights for when they need them. My oldest likes the Bloch B3914 front seam belt. My middle son likes the Wear Moi WM 131C. It's nice they have boys sizes.

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I find it frustrating that there's not a more 'exact' uniform for boys. The girls always have this very specific list down to preferred brands, and the boys have 'white shirt, black bottoms, ballet slippers'. Sigh.


I have two sons in dance, aged 7 and almost-4. What I've found works for us is a plain white undershirt (Hanes or similar) and plain black shorts in the summer, pants in the winter. Although now that the 7yo is in ballet we'll probably stick to shorts. It was hard finding stuff with no logos on them!!


Thin trouser socks has been fine inside the ballet slippers, we couldn't find any small enough for the littlest one so he'll just be wearing his ballet slippers barefeet.


I'm dreading the whole dance belt thing in a few years time though.

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silkmaiden, for your little one, maybe you could try plain foldover socks from the girls section at Target or Walmart (without folding them over, of course). We used those for my son when he was too small for trouser socks and they worked great. They are a lot more thin than any socks I could ever find in the boys department. Especially white.

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Thanks, Huckleberry. I will have a look! I might not worry about it too much for now, unless his shoes start getting awfully smelly, since it's only once a week. Fewer tiny socks to lose in the wash isn't a bad thing!

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