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Class Uniform is Vague


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thanks for the rec, bluemountain! I live in Canada though, so usually can't order much from Amazon.com. :( I'll see if I can find those socks locally though.

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In the beginning, what he wears doesn't matter quite as much. Bike shorts are nice. I also vote for With Socks unless he's wearing footed tights. Sansha now has men's socks that are wonderful that ds loves! I found the link here, I'm sure. Ds prefers tighter athletic tops to white undershirts. He says they wick moisture away and don't get heavy and uncomfortably clingy as all-cotton undershirts do, and they allow him greater freedom of movement. BCG brand seems to be reasonably priced compared to others. There's an adult male beginner dancer who has a blog and has available on his website a free downloadable PDF that is called Ballet Apparel for Men that is worth getting. It's available also on Amazon for a modest price if you want to support him financially.

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We are asked to send DS to ballet classes in bike shorts this year to make sure his knees work the right way, so I am planning on cutting the multitude of footless tights that we have left after the last season :). DS doesn't like the regular bike shorts, because he thinks that they are too short, so I will make them a bit longer.

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I have some advice on this topic. My son now wears tights, but when he was younger the school's dress code was a specific white top and bike shorts, white socks and black leather shoes.


I would insist on socks for all boys, but they *must* be thin. Please don't put him in thick white sport socks; they'll crowd the toes and make it harder for instructors to really see his feet. It's hard to find thin socks that aren't girly, though . Here's a tip: If you have "Children's Place" in Canada, go there and look for their "cuffed socks." They come in white, are thin with no lace on them, and they are inexpensive. Our studio specifies "Freed" brand socks, which are about 8 bucks US a pair! No way...these Children's Place socks are a couple of dollars each.


Next, on the bike shorts...I have bought the "official" ones and I've used "unofficial" ones. I agree that baggy sports shorts don't show what's going on with the hips. The ones our studio specifies are about $25 a pair. Again, I found less expensive alternatives. Children's Place carries bike shorts for girls that are plain black. The only "fit" difference I can find between these and the Bal-Togs brand is the girls' are cut a little roomier in the hip. I've also bought girls leggings at WalMart and cut them off. At $5 a pair, we can have a couple of the "knockoffs" as spares.


One key is to not let your kiddo see you shopping in the girls section - cut off the tags before they see them!


When a kid dances 3-4 times a week like mine, Moms tend to get creative. And I have several spare sets of dance clothes (in his locker in the studio, and one in each car!)


Good luck!

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Oh, I see the Original Poster's boy is 13. But you didn't say how big he is. Some of those solutions may or may not work for him. Mine is 12 and small for his age (and really thin.) Silkmaiden is the one with the little ones...Silkmaiden, you should definitely check out Children's Place for socks. Also, Walmart for bike shorts and leggings in the girls' dept. Just don't let your boys or their dad know :) Walmart sells a basic girl's short that is jersey knit, black, with no logos or anything. They are not "bike shorts" or leggings but they are not baggy like boys' sport shorts. As for tops, you might consider picking up some Under Armour-type white stretchy tops. My son has a few of the dress-code-approved ones from M Stevens, but they are $25 each at least. You can find similar strechy white T's for about $10 if you look around!

Good luck to all :)

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Thanks, solnishko! Yes I have my little guys, and they're physically on the small side for their ages even so it's hard to find things tiny enough.


The Children's Place is a great suggestion, thank you everyone who mentioned it. :) We haven't had any issues finding plain white shirts, (we use Hanes undershirts) but plain black shorts with no logos has been difficult. I'll try the WM girl's section, thanks!

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Try tutu.com as well, I found biker shorts for my super-skinny 12 yo there.

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Does anyone have a brand of traditional bike/style dance shorts that they love? Our studio changed dress code this year. DS age 12, had to switch from tights to shorts. It has been a disaster. The studio recommended Body Wrapper boys dance shorts and they ride up constantly. The boys are constantly pulling them back down. It has become enough of a problem that the boys instructor has told the boys to go back to tights for his class, but for the co-ed technique classes they still have to be in uniform shorts. Any suggestions?

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We have the same problem with M. Stevens shorts. They all ride up, I think. And DS dislikes the feeling so much. He was told he has to wear them because the teachers need to see his knees, so no more leggings or tights. If you find the ones that don't ride up, please share the information here!

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My DS wore Eurotard shorts last summer and had no problems with them riding up.

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