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question about tap shoes, sorry if in wrong place!!


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I apologize if this is posted in error. My son is resuming tap. BAllet school is all for it, though he has great rhythm he really enjoys it. Our ballet school endorses it completely.


Question: how 'worn' do the taps need to be to be replaced/functional? I have a shot at a pair thatrs normally 70 dollars but the taps are worn. They are bloch, split toe, leather, lace up...great shoe but the taps cannot be replaced per Bloch. They are the 'shockwave' line and they dont have replacement taps for these. I wrote Bloch and they told me that.


advice? comments? Id love to get these shoes as his feet are growing but not sure about the tap quality, they look a moderately to pretty nicked and scuffed.


On the other hand his present shoes are beginners and they are not flex sole so he cant point in them as well and they are manmade instead of flexible leather.

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Allow me to move this to the Parents of Boys Forum!

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It's difficult, but honestly, having the right tool for the job makes a difference in the work. My son went through 1 pair of K360s every 3 months!!!!! I really understood how parents of girls feel about pointe shoes!!


While he is still growing, head to eBay and search "Capezio K360 Tap Shoes". You will find bajillions for sale because they are the ones made in Capezio's South American factory. You can expect to pay around $50ish for a pair on eBay. The taps will be extra as will the double-stacked sole if you decide to go that direction. Use Capezio Teletone Taps that are the suggested fit for the size K360 he wears.


When he is done growing the best place to get the shoes, taps, and double-stacked sole is Dancing Fair: http://www.dancingfair.com/protapshoes.htmn He only uses the hand-made K360s from the NY factory.

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DS likes his Bloch Shockwaves quite a bit. You might try e-mailing dancingfair.com in their shoe repair department. Sometimes taps can be changed out between styles. The experts are there. Good luck!

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I second the dancingfair.com folks - they are awesome! My DS has ENORMOUS feet and they were able to put taps on a pair of sansha dance sneakers for me because I couldn't find regular tap shoes big enough for him. Honestly, they can put taps on anything.

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I hope you'll suffer through some more newbie questions (appreciate you all in advance!).


DS just added a jazz/tap class this year to his schedule. It's only once a week and only half (or less) of the class is very beginning tap. My son does not like tap but this class was required as he is on the performance team.


Since he is young and is only doing tap for a short period of time once a week, I got basic oxford tap shoes. He came out of class yesterday saying he needed "flexible" ones.


Any ideas for something that won't break the bank since he is growing? Can they put taps on jazz shoes? Thanks.

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You will need to get him the split sole tap shoes if he wants the flexible ones. These generally run around $70. Jazz shoes are not stiff enough to put taps on but can put them on dance sneakers some people use for jazz. However, you are probably just better off getting regular split sole tap shoes. There are many schools of thought on which are better - split sole or full sole. My kids (boy and girls) all prefer the split sole for a lot of obvious reasons - easier to point your feet, easier to feel the floor, they think they are easier to do toe stands in, etc. Maybe check with the studio and see if anyone has donated any tap shoes they have grown out of so you don't have to buy another pair right now.

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I did find several places that had "split-sole jazz tap" shoes for much less. You may want to search eBay as well.


My son always wears K360s or Miller and Bens, but he is a "Hoofer"- not Broadway or Jazz tap. :shrug:

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