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Suggestions for leotards?


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I've recently switched dance schools and while my old leotards (standard black) were fine for summer session, I have to wear the uniform for the autumn semester, which starts on August 19. They have a kinda weird way of color-coding the levels, with their little girls in black and everyone from level 5-8 in burgundy, and I've never worn a burgundy leotard before, so this means shopping! I also haven't had a leotard of my own since I was about ten, I've just worn my aunts hand me downs, so I have no idea how to shop for them. I'm 5'2", X lbs and a c or d cup, so I'm a little heavy and definitely well endowed for a dancer, and this creates big issues wearing my string bean aunt's old leos. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a few leotards that do a good job keeping ones chest in place or are cut to allow a bra. They can't be too too expensive, and I need to have at least a couple by the time classes start, so it'd be better not to custom- order. I have a zip- front turtleneck in black that I absolutely love, and I've seen a few girls in my class wear turtlenecks that look very pretty, but I'm not sure where to start. I've already heard of capezio bra-tek and it's pretty good but I'll need more than one leotard for six days a week of class. So if anyone can recommend a brand, style or specific leo that comes in burgundy and suits shorter people with a definite bust, that'd be amazing. Thank you :)

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I think the general consensus seems to be getting a good support undergarment that has invisible straps, along with leotards that have sturdy built-in bras is the way to go. This is a thread on the Young Dancers 13-16 Forum that you can read through and see if it helps!



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Thank you, Clara, I'll definitely check out those kind of bras!

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