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Help deciding schedule for 2014


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I am currently attending a studio that would be classified as a 'competition studio' but for next year, I am considering moving to a studio that is a lot more ballet focused and has graduates that have been accepted into various major companies and schools.


At my current studio, just about all styles are offered (which would be good if considering a career in commercial dance/musical theatre, but is not in any way ideal for a classical career). I'm not sure at this point whether I want a career in commercial or classical dance but I know I definitely want to be dancing or doing something relating to dance (like teaching). So I'm not sure whether moving or staying would be most beneficial.


One more thing, if I do move, I don't know who to tell/ how to tell the studio that I'm not coming back next year. Should I tell them before or after the end of year concert, in person or is email okay?


Thanks in advance :)



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, moostachiojoe!


We really cannot make that decision for you, but I think if you do some reading here you will find quite a bit of data on the subject of this kind of transition.


As to telling your former studio, that is always best to do in person. :)

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Okay, thanks. I read through a bit more of the forums after I posted this originally and I think I am leaning towards moving as it would be a more serious environment and I would be getting better classical training ( which is probably most important).


Should I tell my teacher, the principal or the owner of the studio and should I tell them before or after the concert?


Thank you so much for the help!!

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After, and I think either the principal or the owner.

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