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school vs Ballet??!! HELP


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Hey!!!! I know lots of us have had some trouble deciding which one is truely more important.... am i wrong???? I dont think so!!!! But anyways. We have to stay focused on both things. Because in the end. Everything we do will effect our futures. Whether it may include dancing or not. But......... there are some ways to balance things out

bring any schoolwork with you to the studio. Work inbetween classes/rehearsals and ask your teacher if during ehearsals while you are not dancing if you could quietly do some work because of you loads of homework........

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!! I have learned this the hard way....

STUDY!! Dont slack off and you may not want to hear this.... but.... listen to your parents! They just might be able to help. And dont be afraid to ask for help. After all..... that i what family is for!!!!

I hope I helped!!!!!! Please feel free to respond!!!!


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Is there a question here somewhere, balletgirl? Or were you responding to another thread? Young Dancers are not allowed to give advice here on BTforD. You may ask questions and respond to questions, after a moderator has responded, but only by sharing your experiences. not by telling people what to do. Please spend a bit more time reading our policies and rules to learn about how we work here. :)

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