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New shoes!!


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So,I will be starting my first pointe class next week - on my 30th birthday. I must be mad......
Having spent this week at the London Amateur Ballet summer intensive (which was pretty good, but now absolutely everything hurts!) I took a little detour on my way back north to visit Covent Garden and Freed of London. I was pretty anxious, since I'd heard the shop could be a bit of an "experience" for adult starters, but they really could not have been more helpful or encouraging. It seems they had had quite a few adults through this week (probably down to the LAB!) some for new shoes, and others, like me, for their very first pair.
I forgot to ask the name of the woman who did my fitting, but she had beautiful red curly hair! I did get fitted with toe pads (tried a couple of different ones, and ended up with bunheads pro-pads)since I am rather larger than the average ballerina, and am also a wimp! I've ended up with classic pro 90's 7XX (which really surprised me, given the trouble I have with the width of my street shoes), triangle maker. Also tried a couple of pairs of classics, but these felt better round my toes, although I can't really explain why! They apparently have a 'graduated insole" (I did check to see if this meant that they were 3/4 shank, as I know those are not recommended for beginners, but she said not. I'm told they do have a full shank, it's just thicker at the bottom of the shoe than at the top? Perhaps Miss Clara can clarify?!)
She said I was getting 'over' on both shoes, but that the classic pro's seemed to look better on my feet, and as I said, they did somehow feel better. First time 'going up'was actually not nearly as painful as I had expected, although I can see that staying there will undoubtably become so - at least for now!
Things I have learned today:
1. Fitting - no matter how much reading I did, there is no way I'd have managed to figure out which shoe was right by myself. It was totally worth the trip, even if I'd not been in London anyway
2. SO much work to do on my ankles still, especially the left. I knew that was the weaker one, but it took real focus to make sure it stayed straight - and I do not have time for broken limbs! More exercises for me.....
3. Not to believe everything I read ( which I really should know anyway, but on a subject I'm not very familiar with, I can be a little gullible!)
4.My sewing skills - which are not terrible - will need work!
There are six of us adult starters beginning class last week and next week, only one has been on pointe before. The 'advanced' bods are crashing our class (theirs is cancelled through the summer because the studio is only open three days a week, but my teacher is running it strictly at beginners level.
Should be interesting...... :huepfen:



Just thinking - This might be more appropriately placed on the adults forum - I trust mods will please move if this is the case!

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Good luck doormouse. You'll also find that no matter how much reading and education you do on pointe shoes, and getting fitted by a professional, nothing beats actually dancing in them. Many of us have left the store with the perfect shoes only to find that dancing in them can prove to be a different story. If this happens, don't get discouraged. It's all part of the journey. Yes, we must be at least a little mad to do this but I envy you that you have 5 other adults to be mad with.

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Totally agree with Sabastianni. Suffolk Ensembles in every way, shape, and form should be the perfect shoe for me. They feel awesome on and to releve in, but can't do a darn thing in them other than that. Bloch Sylphides should be too tapered but work very well for me. Lots of trial and error.

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