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I was recently offered a really amazing opportunity at Ballet Austin for next season which starts August 26. The problem is that the cost of living is much higher than the city in which I am dancing now. Are there any Ballet Talkers who are from Austin and would entertain the idea of hosting a dancer for the next season? It seems to me that renting a room would be more affordable than a whole apartment.

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You are making me nervous, balletbeauty05....... I worry that young people are trying to find living situations online. Your first step should be to go through Ballet Austin. They *should have a list of benefactors/donors/etc. who may be able to assist you with your housing needs.

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Just received a message about a possibility for you:

The young lady might like to inquire into http://www.austindorms.com/

It's a website for private dorms (unaffiliated with a particular university) that house students. It might not be a cheap as renting a room, but student dorms do provide a lot of safety and security.

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