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NYC year round ballet program


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DD 17 wants to move to NYC for year round ballet training. She has one more year of online schooling to grad HS. She has been to SI at SAB, CPYB, Bolshoi and PNB.


SAB would be her first choice for year round, but she would have to go to the Sept. audition. Do they take many 17 year olds at that audition (she would need housing)?


Havent heard a lot of positives about Joffrey NYC ballet school. Has anyone had a good experience there in the last year?


What about ABT? They don't have housing but we might be able to be able to find it...maybe. Any experience with that program?


DD usually gets scholarships for everything she auditions for, but are there many scholarships for year round programs? (she would need financial help)


Also, is 17 too old for these programs to be interested in her? (especially SAB??)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, dance&moredance!


I moved your topic here, as the other forum was specifically about professional dancers and companies. You need information on schools in NYC, and I think you will get that here.


I cannot answer your questions specifically, but generally speaking, one needs to audition for any of the major schools you are thinking about. Also, I would not limit choices to NYC. Is there a reason that she wants to go now instead of when she finishes her high school education? If you do some reading on the forums I think you will find that most students audition for their SI programs with the hope that they will will be invited to stay for extended training, possibly in a Trainee program, which can, again hopefully, lead to an apprenticeship and ultimately to a company contract.


I'm not sure about the age level for acceptance at SAB or JKO, but I think that Joffrey does take them at 17 and older in their trainee program. There are lots of schools that do that, but usually they need to audition them, and that frequently happens at the SI itself, if not at the audition for the SI.

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dance&moredance, you will find a lot of first-hand information about the various schools you are interested in (and others you may decide to investigate) in our Pre-Professional Ballet Schools/Residency Programs Forum: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=147


The Forum is arranged alphabetically and has dedicated threads for each of the major programs and many others. Take a look throught there and post any additional questions on the pertinent thread. Happy Reading!! :)

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