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Well, that's the last time I buy ahead....


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A while back one of the online dance stores had a great sale, so I was being "smart" and bought not only one new pair, but *3* new pairs of shoes: one performance pair (they have to wear a certain brand/style) and 2 pairs of class slippers. Of course my DD prefers the most expensive ones, which is fine, they fit her well. She had just gone up 1/2 size so I figured it was safe and she'd stay for a little bit since that has been her pattern. She has been wearing 2 pairs but we were saving one new pair for SI.... she went to get everything ready last night and the brand new, flawless pair..? She can barely get her foot in them. They're marked the right size, and she can still wear the old ones (I'm guessing they have stretched a little bit) but these new ones absolutely won't work. It's too late to return them to the dance store. I went online late last night and ordered her another pair in a whole size up, these looked *that* small on her.... guess we'll be looking for a growth spurt this year, huh?? (She'll be 12 this fall and is very petite at 4'9"). I figured you guys could commiserate!! :)

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I learned my lesson with my DD's older brother! LOL That boy has never been able to wear anything for more than 4 months without growing out of it! I NEVER buy ahead, only tights, because of the sizing there's some wiggle room. Just be glad they weren't pointe shoes.

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I have a little shopping bag with the extra "perfect" pair from each of the past three summers that DD simply could not get her foot into by the end of the SI...and the pair that we bought for Nutcracker last year when she grew a shoe size and four inches from November to January. At first I tried to off them on others, but her feet were so small that I've sort of ended up keeping them as souvenirs :) .

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I've got 3 pairs of the now discontinued Russian Pointe Pollette size 35, V2, W3 that I bought as soon as we heard they were being phased out. At the time my DD had finally "found the perfect shoe" and we were heading into SI season. Before the SI started, her foot had another growth spurt, and these were simply relics. After listing them on eBay for awhile, I finally gave up on them. I probably should donate them to some charitable cause, as they are doing NO good sitting in my home now.

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I tend to be on the "other" side of this rationale - I keep buying DD cute leotards a size or two up because she "is about to hit her growth spurt" but her torso has not grown one size in two years ... possibly three. The legs are another story. They keep getting longer and longer and longer. However, I do have two brand new pairs of pointe shoes that she outgrew literally days after sewing ribbons. I thought I would keep them until her birthday sleepover and let the girls decorate them as take-home party favors (all of the invitees dance).

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I'm glad I'm not alone, I knew you guys would understand! I am definitely glad it wasn't pointe shoes (this time)!!

Mama2Mary, her torso hasn't grown much either, in fact just yesterday she said the leo she was wearing was getting a bit small... well, no wonder, I made it about 3yrs ago! She is starting to just "re-distribute" a little bit, just adding a tiny bit of feminine shape, so I've been making the next size up and adding interesting (=camouflaging) details at the bust for the past year.

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