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ABT exam-summer intensive


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You may. We have two teachers on our moderating panel who have taken the teachers exams. It may take a while to get an answer, as I believe they are both traveling right now, so be patient! :)

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At my studio the older girls passed their exam with certain distinctions which allowed them to get an easier acceptance into summer programs. I was wondering how high you would need to score- honors, high honors?

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Ok, so this is from the ABT website:


Student Examinations: Registered Teachers in ABT’s National Training Curriculum can present their students annually for ABT’s National Training Curriculum examinations. Students who successfully pass the exam for their level of training will receive a certificate of accomplishment and will be listed on the ABT website. Students who participate in the examinations will also benefit from special ABT membership programs including early notification of ABT Summer Intensive auditions and other ABT events


I am a certified ABT teacher, but I don't recall hearing anything about students being able to gain easier acceptance into summer programs.....


I would say that in order for a student to pass an examination, they would have to have a certain level of accomplishment which could provide them with the ability to gain more acceptances.

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More information that is ABT SI-specific:

all dancers who passed the 5b exam received a letter regarding "priority acceptance." The text of the letter guaranteed acceptance to an ABT SI. Not a specific location, but to an ABT program to be determined by the audition. Everyone who passed was given the letter. You did not need to get merit, honors, etc

Also, it was only that level that was given a letter. Those who took level 3 and 4 did not get one.

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Ohh! So it wasn't a priority acceptance it was just a general acceptance. I wasn't sure myself! I got a distinction and was wondering how high my score needed to be to get that letter, but I'm not in level 5 yet so this explains everything! Thank you!

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Hmm...I passed the 5b exam with a distinction, but never received any such letter, although 1 girl in our level did (she scored the highest). Maybe the letters only go to those that score above a certain number? And I auditioned for ABT SI just like everyone else, with nothing to give the auditioner anything that told them I had passed (or taken) the exam. I still received acceptance, but I did the previous 2 years too. I worked hard for that distinction, it would have been nice to have something to give at my audtion to show this.

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A member has reported that they believe ABT is either no longer doing the letters, or as begun limiting to whom they give the letters.


You got accepted, though, so that's good!

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