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How to use weight machines?


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So, I am in an office that now has a gigantic gym smack dab in the middle of the office floor.


So, the question is, how can I use this machine?


I'm going to throw down a yoga mat and my therabands, plus there's a big balance ball, but for some reason I would not feel comfortable working on flexibility while at work. I could use the machine, though, if there is some way to use it advantageously.

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What would I do? Well, I'd ignore it and I exercise with weights. I would ignore it because I already do some weight training, but only with free weights. I also don't care for the idea of exercising in my work clothes. So I guess my answer doesn't count.


Actually, it's probably quite healthy to be in a place where you can stop work and do some exercise to clear your mind. I've never done that, but wouldn't be opposed to it.


As to your particular situation, I'd only use the universal gym (that's what it's called)if I really wanted to. As to exercises you might do, just watch the guys and do what they do, but with lighter weights. Start really low. Ask one of the guys who seems like he knows what he's doing if you are doing the exercise right. You will gain respect and make friends that way. If you keep with it, you'll find the exercises that you enjoy doing. Enjoyment is the key world.


Having the universal in the middle of your office also has a social function. You meet others there and that often leads to really good interaction that benefits the company, so don't discount the social function. Think of it as a big friendly water cooler.


Weight training is really good from a fitness perspective. From a ballet point of view, it's pretty much irrelevant. You get good at ballet by doing ballet and by doing highly specific exercises like floor barre. Weight training will likely neither help nor hurt your ballet.


If you are like most adults, you do want to be fit in the general sense of that word. Just the little weight training you might do at the office would improve your fitness.

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