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DVD/Videos: Jeff Amsden Lift Video

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Has anyone ever saw/ worked with the Live at Broadway Dance Center Lifts volume 1 and 2?


I just ordered them as they were the only videos on lifts I could find. Does anyone know anything about these or where to find others like it on pas de duex as well not just lifts?



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No. I would not try to learn partnering from any video.

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I am actually very experienced with partnering/lifts. My partner and I are always looking for fun new lifts to incorporate into our routines (sometimes they are ballet sometimes not). There are so many possibilities when it comes to lifts and we have out grown our teachers knowledge (she is limited to ballet lifts). We have successfully taught our selves lifts from watching it being done in video and just watching it over and over till we can break it down. It then becomes trial and error. I thought this looked good because it actually breaks it down.


I can understand it being a bad idea for people with no experience but I think it is different for our situation. How else are you to learn this stuff if you have no one available with the knowledge to teach you? Do you really think it ALWAYS a bad idea?


We already do a lot of complex lifts, we start slow, use mats and spotters and have never had an injury :)

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Another reason I was looking into videos of this stuff is because my partner does not have another MALE to teach him stuff so he has no one to demonstrate the guy part only the verbal instruction from our teacher. I think it would help him to SEE it done sometimes. This would be in addition to class help.

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So I finally got volume two of these lift DVDs in the mail. Thought I would give a review because I could never find any information on them!


I think this is a really good video and I was pleasantly surprised. I think it is helpful even just for reminding you of all the possibilities you have to choose from and could be a great addition to a class setting with a teacher or for people who are capable and have available spotters/mats to work with.


I would say a good half of the lifts in the video I have already done before the others had elements to them from other things I have done so for me it was just little extra tips and ideas for how to get into/come out of lifts.


They had a section on girls lifting girls which gave me ideas for some of the boys we have that can't yet do any big lifts with the girls. (I assist in our pas de duex class)


The instructor was big on safety and continuously gave pointers on how to do things as safely as possible when learning new lifts.


Instructions were clear and precise but also detailed.


They showed each lift being done in slow motion from 3 different angles after the walked you though it all.


I would recommend this to already experienced people to expand their lift library and/or teachers looking for good ideas or want the boys to actually see a man demonstrate it when none is available.


all in all I am glad I bought it:)

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