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Performing Arts High Schools?


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Hi! I'll be in eighth grade this year, so I need to pick out some high schools I want to go to. I really want to pursue a ballet career, and my teacher told me that I have improved a lot this summer (I recently transitioned from a less serious dance school to a pre-professional ballet school during the summer) so I feel I have a chance at catching up. I was wondering if a performing arts high school would be suitable for me because I'm not sure about staying at my district high school (tough academics, a lot of homework, not many dance opportunities, etc). Are performing arts schools more modern and jazz oriented, or would they work for a ballet student? I'm in the Monmouth County Area in NJ, does anybody know of good performing arts schools around here? Thanks for reading! :)

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Are you thinking of a performing arts high school in addition to your training at your new pre-pro school?

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Yes, I would still train at my pre-pro school (the high school I'm thinking of auditioning for is actually pretty close to my ballet school).

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Okay, good. I think you just need to check out the school just like any other school you would want to attend. Look at their program, both in dance and academics, and be sure that it is a good school. :)

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