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Cross Trainer Question


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Could anyone advise me please if a regular work out using a Cross Trainer would help to "develop and strengthen " leg muscles, the reason I ask, I have now gone from just doing a 1 1\2 to 2 hrs class once a week to the class plus at the moment 2 rehearsals for the up coming show I have been placed in, and within the next week this will go to 3 rehearsals plus a 1hr class weekly. I am finding that my leg muscles are becoming very "stiff and tight" the morning after, so to speak, which I guess means they are getting a good work out !, however wondering if I can improve them more , by using a cross trainer, to make sure they are in space for the show.


Any advise welcome



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Well, I'm just about to start taking ballet classes, so I don't know if I'm the best person to advise. I'm quite into my distance running and if I don't stretch properly after a training session, then I feel that bit more sore the next day. That probably applies to any sport of physical activity including ballet. You're probably working certain muscles more than you're used to working them. I'd definitely recommend stretching after class. The other thing, if my leg muscles are feeling a bit heavy, rather than go running, I might give it a miss or do something else. Perhaps consider giving your regular class a miss once in a while (though not your rehearsals if you can help it).


Also, a foam roller is useful for sore muscles.

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Finding cross trainer is helping some, do about 15 mins session when get back home from class/rehearsal and also doing same in a morning as well, think mainly helps with muscles in upper legs, was given a few exercises to do as well at home, which also seemed to have helped, think the legs are beginning to accept now !

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Cross trainers are fine for developing general fitness. I know several people who like them for that purpose. But training is specific. The best preparation for a performance piece is class, rehearsal, and some independent work on aspects of what you will be doing in your performance. A search for activities unrelated to those three things may just be a reflection of doubt or insecurity in my opinion.

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for me neither doubt or insecurity more to help with getting leg muscles where they need to be, doing all three you suggest Garycht, more out of class or rehearsals now, don't think 1.5 to 2 hrs a week over last couple years been enough to strengthen or develop certain muscles, that you need when more intensively doing, even after show think will try to up to a least 2 classes a week if I can

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