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Heel Blisters


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I have a really big blister on the back of my heel, about the size of a penny, and the skin has peeled back but is still attached at the bottom. My heels are always a little sensitive, but since I dance at least 4.5 hours 6 days a week, that's to be expected. I took a couple days off, and when I came back, this blister appeared after about 3 hrs of pointe the first day.


I really would like it to heal quickly as it is very painful when wearing any type of shoe and I will have to rehearse a pas de deux and corps peice tomorrow for a few hours. I've tried soaking it in warm water and epsom salts and putting Neosporin and covering it with bandaids and tape when dancing. I've also cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide, but nothing has really helped, Help, please!

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