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I'm thinking of taking a job with the Universal Studios park in Osaka, does anyone have a recommendation for adult/open classes? Any protocols that I would need to know if I'm heading to class in Japan?

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I would check out Chacott's studio at Osaka. The address is Shinsaibashi Taiyo Bidg B1F, 3-11-10, Minami Senba, Chuo-ku Osaka. They have a nice studio and a wide range of ballet classes. The class size was small when I was there, but it might have changed greatly since last summer. I believe you can pay as you go, or you can buy a class card. They have a website that you can check first out, or simply just drop in when you are there. Hope this help!


P.S. I just realized the post was from last year. Sorry!

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Does anybody know if there is an e-mail directory of ballet schools, asociations or organizations of in Japan?

Does anybody know if there is an e-mail directory of ballet teachers, asociations or organizations of in Japan?

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Hello Lucero and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. I see this is your first post. Please go to the Welcome Forum and introduce yourself. I would be nice to know how many years you have studied ballet, if you study other dance forms and what your goals are in ballet. 

I do work a bit in Japan so I will contact a few people to see if there is a directory of schools. Please give me a few days.

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