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Sorry if this is a double post, but I don't see a thread for this school (kind of suprised).


I am looking for anyone with experience with this school's year round program. We live 40 to 55 miles in every direction from the best ballet school choices in the area, with driving times ranging from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes each way. We were already driving to a studio that was about 40 miles away, but had a good ride sharing schedule with several other families that made things a little easier. That studio is not a great fit for my dd anymore, so we are thinking about a change. My dd just turned 15 and went to her first away SI at Milwaukee Ballet School, she really enjoyed it. Her current studio situation was bumming her out so much that during this past spring she actually thought she didn't want to dance at all anymore, and going to this SI from the first day, she fell in love with ballet all over again, realizing it was the studio and not losing her love of dance that made her want to quit. This is going to be very hard on our family, because it will mean that I will not be home any day after school till about 10 at night, but we need to do something.


What level do students typically start out in (she just turned 15), do they all typically start in the pre-academy level before moving to academy one or two? Also how many performance opportunities are there per year? And what is the atmosphere of the school including the class sizes for the 3 academy levels? Also does anyone know about the graduating class from this last spring-how many kids got apprenticeships or contracts, etc... and where did they go?


Any other information or comments would be that you may have would be appreciated.

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Yes, I would also be interested in information about this program. :3dnod: Also, I looked at their website and couldn't find anything on auditioning for the year-round program. Does one have to audition?

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We are also interested in similar information for our 14yo DD. Hopefully someone currently attending the school will see this and post.

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Perhaps you would find some information in the "Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School" Forum under Wisconsin?

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thank's for the tip. Unfortunately there is no helpfull information there either (from what I saw).

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It appears that there is and has not been much of a Milwaukee presence on this board over the years - just a few posts here and there about the summer program. If a move becomes a strong possibility soon for our family, I will be calling Milwaukee Ballet directly to ask some of these questions. If anyone else calls first, would you please post the information here for the rest of us. Thanks!

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I was thinking of maybe asking on the Milwaukee Ballet II board (second company) if anyone would have some info about the school program.... Would that be alowed?

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justdoit94, please don't post questions about the school on the Second Company thread. We have the dedicated threads for the specific programs for a reason----so as to not jumble up the information for those researching the post-grad opportunities. :)


And THANK YOU! for asking rather than just posting. :) Bless you! (we would have just had to move the post back here. )


Apparently, we just don't have much of a Milwaukee pre-pro presence on the Board, which probably explains why there wasn't a thread for this school when the first poster opened it . . . . ..


I think the best place to ask the questions about the school would be on the Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School (Wisconsin) thread. That might spark more input because more folks may see it and drop in to see if they could help.

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It’s an excellent school. They can appear rigid in their practices. However, the teachers and quality of Instruction are first rate. 

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Thank you so much. My DD16 is outgrowing her local school and is considering moving in with relatives in Milwaukee for her senior year of high school, if she is accepted to their program, as an alternative to other local schools. Rigidity has never bothered her. How do you know the program? 

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There will be an open house sometime in late January/early February. If you and DD are able to watch classes, I think you will have a good idea of MBSA’s fine dance pedagogy. I believe their students are so well trained.

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Cclw, if you are going to ask for input on this dedicated thread, then please don’t double post on the general thread for Wisconsin.  We try to keep the information in one place so folks know where to look for it. :wink:

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28 minutes ago, labrador said:

. . . I believe their students are so well trained.

Thanks! We lived in Milwaukee when DD was young and we admired the company a great deal.  I am pleased although not surprised to hear that the school is good. 

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