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body proportions?


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Okay so you can move it to another topic or close it if you feel there is to many like it, but I never found a post with my question. I know that the ideal ballet body is a short torso, and long arms and legs, but how short should the torso be for a 5 foot tall 13 year old. I'm asking for a length in inches, I hope this makes sense. :happy:

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Maplebunny, there are no "shoulds" here. And, at 13, it is highly unlikely that one has finished growing, so really quite useless to worry about inches of torso! In the end, it is a look, in terms of proportions, and numbers don't matter, just like with weight, which of course we do not discuss here. However, numbers are not what matter.

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One more question....What exactly is a ballet facility? I've been told I have one, but I don't know what it even means! Is like body or something? :wacko:

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When someone is discussing a good facility for ballet, they are stating that a particular person has the correct proportions, meaning long legs, arms and neck; small head; with good flexibility in the hip sockets, legs and back. One generally speaking also has a high instep with a good flexibility in the back of the foot where the Achilles tendon will contract well into the calf when the foot is pointed.


These attributes are the ideal for classical ballet. Of course we know it takes more than the physical attributes to excel in ballet!

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