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Minimizing the posterior by camouflage


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What is the best ballet outfit to wear to make the posterior look less bubble butt like?

I am slim and fit but don't really have a ballet body as far as my lower half is concerned. I have tried little skirts, shorts, unitards but I feel that my butt still looks more noticeable line wise than I would like. Any suggestions?

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Ballet skirts work best in my opinion. Tie at the waist, not on the hips, so that the skirt falls downward and outward smoothly from your narrowest point.


But, really, the line of the body you have is the line your body can make. Technical proficiency will go much further than clothes in improving it, and I'm sure you're working hard on that too.

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Thanks Gav...unfortunately my torso is very short and I am short waisted so wearing anything at the waist seems to make it worse ;)

You are right of course about the line you make being the important one but I just saw a video of my self... ;) Need I say more...?

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BlleFille -- I am fairly petite, but what female is not sensitive about their back view? What I find, probably copying some of the 20-something adult dancers, including teachers, is that one of my favorite ballet class outfits includes a long, below the waist tank top --- basically a long "camisole-style" sleeveless shirt -- it seems to be a popular style -- that is long and falls about 5" below the waist (depending how long a torso you have), and so comes down to a bit below the widest part of your hips.


To me it looks smooth, is cool (I always choose cotton), is not tight or binding, and is versatile, can be worn w/ another short sleeve shirt over it if a bit of warmth is needed, or can be worn sometimes by itself or with a small cami depending on the top coverage, etc that you want.


I don't know if all like this look for ballet class but in my classes, and especially on hot summer days this is common in my area as I said many of the younger ballet teachers wear these, too, sometime in bright colors - I favor a very neutral color, so I feel for any age ballet student that seems workable in my class, anyway.


Some adults tend toward a "baggy shirt" look to cover their torso but the shirt I am describing is long but not baggy and is cut a little closer to the body.... I hope this might help give some ideas --- PS - I see your post says you are slim and fit -- this look I am describing for me, works really well for someone slim but wanting a bit of camouflage, as you say... I do like it and find it very comfortable for class but not sloppy, in my opinion, anyway......

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I have a watercolour brand skirt which I love, because it wraps around the waist, and the colours go from black through grey to white, so the black top part blends with my black leotards, but the bottom is paler so it doesn't have a solid black line cutting across my thighs (which are my widest point).

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What about a skirt that tapers longer in the back? You could also try matching the leotard and shorts/skirt to be the same color, so it doesn cut you right in the waist.

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