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I never heard of such a thing before. It leaves something to be desired but it is better than nothing in my small town..
It may just be evidence of growing pains in a school that has been around several years but is under new ownership. They are now trying to accomodate the adults who showed sudden interest after the adult tap performance in June, :) but the schedule is pretty full with kids classes in recently reduced space.
The new owner gave up the upper floor when the ballroom program was disbanded and lost a mid size studio with the big ballroom in the deal. They tried to make up for it with converting a waiting area to a small stufio for private classes and small group work. Again, it beats doing nothing.
I have been nagging them for a while to add some ballet for adults. I guess others have nagged for Jazz. Success???? Maybe.
Both will be absolute beginner level and a very small class due to the limitations of studio space. My bid to be allowed in class with the older kids was not met with any sort of welcome. Earlier this summer the new class was on the schedule for one night but it has changed to another, which will be directly before tap class (Yay for a decent full body warm up!)
Tap has already started without me returning with the other vets and the new students. :( I just made 8 weeks post knee fracture the other day and I am still working in the water for now. I expect to start on dry land in mid-September.
It may yet be a while but the goal is to get back in shape enough to be able to do a real class in the next town north of me. I am hopeful that this class will help.
They have had the sense to declare it a non-performing class. The owner and I have the same feeling about that.

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