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Os Trigonum Surgery


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I recently had Os Trigonum surgery and I wanted to share my recovery blog link. I can also answer any questions about the surgery/recovery.


I know moderators look at this, could someone look at this and tell me if that is okay to do. It would just be my personal experiences.



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Tapbalmod, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! We hope that you will enjoy participating in our discussions in the YD and other forums. :)


Thank you for asking first before posting a link. I'm sorry, but we do not allow blog links on the board.

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I was just diagnosed with os trigonums in both my ankles this summer. I've been through physical therapy and icing and the symptoms have gone away. I was wondering if the surgery was worth it? I'm worried that if the pain and swelling comes back it will be worse than before. I want to keep my options open, but if surgery is the best option I'm open to it.

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Moderator here - there have been a few discussions with lots of information on this issue. Search in Cross Talk and Health and Nutrition. We no longer have a medical moderator unfortunately but the information which exisits should give you lots of food for thought.


I wish you all the best!



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