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Shoe advice for a beginner please

Older Ballet Boy

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Looking at possibly taking adult ballet in September. Not sure what type of shoe is best, canvas or leather, full sole or split sole. Did take a few lessons when I was at college, but just wore sports socks, and then for a variety of reasons, packed it in. I've been considering going back to it (if you can call it that bearing in mind the minimal amount of lessons I had before), but other committments, inlcuding work, and a couple of daft injuries seem to have got in the way.


Enquired with a couple of dance schools and they prefer shoes (though bare feet is fine at first according to one, until I decide if ballet's for me or not). Don't really fancy bare feet. Oddly enough, unlike some males, tights aren't really a big issue for me. I do a lot of running and we wear athletics tights for winter. I could possibly get away with those for classes, perhaps?


Thanks, folks.

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Definitely shoes. I suggest starting off with canvas simply because they will be the softest and will not stick against a marley floor. Some of the brands that my male professional dancers like are Fuzi canvas split-sole, Bloch SO277M, & Grishko Performance.

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I'd go with split-sole, definitely!

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For a male, I agree with Clara 76. I started with men's leather shoes. I later switched to canvas split sole ballet shoes. It was a world of difference and I feel it improved my dancing. With the running tights, you might want to clear it with the teacher or studio first to be safe. I believe most studios have a relaxed dress code for adult students. I know my studio does. So, pretty much anything goes for adults as long as what you wear gives you freedom of movement and the teacher can see what you are doing in class.

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Thanks Leopard Dancer. I believe you're right about dress code being more relaxed for adult classes, but after browsing both this and another forum (not signed up to the other one presently), it seems that form fitting clothing is recommended as it allows the teacher to see if you're performing the movements correctly and therefore give you corrections when appropriate. Not sure if standard ballet attire would make that much difference in that respect, but if a teacher insists on it, then that's fair enough. As I said, I wouldn't make a massive issue of it.


PS all advice is gratefully received.

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Just to say, welcome to the Adult Ballet Students section of Ballet Talk for Dancers, OlderBalletBoy. You've already experienced the great advice from our Teacher Moderators and fellow students here.


All best wishes for the exciting journey!


And I'd second Clara's recommendation for canvas split sole shoes. They're not expensive, last a long time, and allow the non-trained non-"banana" foot (ie an ordinary mortal's foot) to look *almost* like a lovely balletic pointed foot (well, that's my delusion about my feet, and I'm sticking to it!).

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Redbookish, thanks for the advice and those kind words. Thanks to all those who replied. Must admit, I was wondering what the pros and cons of each type of shoe were, but unless there are strong voices to the contrary, it looks like my first pair of ballet slippers will be canvas split sole.

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I think it sort of depends on the studio floor. I was always told that canvas works better on Marley and leather for wood. I'd start with a canvas split sole. The're pretty inexpensive. You can get Sanshas for as little as $13.00 At Dance Express (dancex.com)

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Thanks Silver Grey and BlleFille. I might try and find out what type of floor the studio has first. Really appreciate all the advice.

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Well, I made some enquiries with dancewear retailers within travelling distance from my home and workplace and one has the Wear Moi split sole canvas shoe in my size, so hopefully that should do the job. Anyone ever worn this brand of shoe or know if they're a decent make?


Thanks once again, folks!

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Yes, I've worn Wear Moi in the past and did like them! They were just hard for me to find at the time...so I switched. You're lucky they are close to you!

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