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Rehearsals and performance with minor foot injury


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I have a full week of rehearsals culminating with a performance next week and just sustained a minor foot injury. I have no health insurance but I think it is a muscular or tendinitis type injury or possibly plantar faciitis but it's more to the edge of my foot and not the heel. I am NOT asking for a diagnosis.


How can I make it easier to get through this week as I HAVE to dance!?? I am taking ibuprofen, icing, resting with my foot up in between classes, massaging with a ball, wrapping the foot.. that kind of thing.


Does anyone have any other ideas to make this process easier. I can rest a lot when I have finished in a week.

Right now I am mostly marking in class and not going on demi pointe. The piece luckily is in slippers not pointe shoes! But sometimes I have to dance full out obviously :'(

It is not horrifically painful but I'd call it a nuisance and I don't want to be stupid and make it a lot worse.

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BllFille - I can't speak w/ authority, but a few things I'd try come to mind: Since you iced it, if that did not help much, how about soaking your feet in very warm water w/ epsom salts, bath salts or if you have it, chamomile tea bags (a natural anti-inflammatory). If you do this for 20 minutes, then pat dry, slather hand lotion on your feet, put on some fluffy athletic socks, right before going to sleep if possible, I am thinking the heat will stimulate circulation, bring blood to the area and promote healing. (Just in general -- your condition of course could need some medical attention -- this is an interim measure to possibly help your feet for now.)


When you don't absolutely have to be on your feet this week, if you baby them -- sit w/ your feet up on a pillow; stay off them when you can.... Maybe you can run through your piece mentally and rest your feet as much as possible. Again these are not meant to comment on your condition in particular but a few things I've tried in general to heal things of this sort, at least till you are able to address it medically -


If I've said things you already know, don't help, or are not in the purview of BT4D ok to delete or edit! Good luck in any case -

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Could you perhaps put some bio freeze on it and see if that helps with comfort?

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If your calves and hamstrings are tight, that can pull on the muscles and tendons in the feet, so use a foam roller/tennis round objects and roll out the rest.



Compression- maybe use some kinesiotape?


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A tip I was given and have used to some good effect, sea salt dissolved in warm water and then soak in for a fair length of time

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I think you are doing all the physical things that you can. I think you probably need to work on the mental aspects, however. As your performance nears, you tend to up your stress level. That's pretty normal. With minor injuries your stress level increases more. And the more stress you have, the more slowly you recover.


So my advice is to try as best you can to relax. Have a set routine for recovery. Don't do things that call attention to your injury. Distract yourself from thinking about it when you do begin thinking about it. Realize that athletes and dancers perform with minor injuries all the time, so you are experiencing life just as they are.

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Seems like sound advice Garyecht, will remember it for a up coming show I have end of Oct, fingers crossed I don't pick any injury up, I will have no doubt stress levels off scale, even without any injuries !

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Great advice all! I especially love what Garyect says also! I am getting very worried and stressed so of course my injury seems overwhelming. I will preoccupy myself, be sensible in rehearsals. How do you mean, don't do things that draw attention? You mean in class? With my fellow dancers and teacher?

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It might also help you to remember that the audience will, by and large, be looking at your face and upper body when you perform -- not your feet. I've performed with people a variety of lower body injuries/pain (feet, ankles, knees, hips, sometimes taped or braced) and you usually wouldn't have noticed if you didn't already know. Assuming your injury's not so bad that you can't approximate the steps, I'm sure it'll be the same for you.

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Thanks...and yes, that does help...I will have a very pretty smile on ;)

And our dresses are VERY long!!!! Phew :)


I just went to the chiropractor and it's a sprain. He doesn't think it's too bad. He is going to order me foot supports for my running/ hiking shoes which he says will help somewhat. he says that my arches are slightly fallen.... funny as my arches are considered medium high for pointe but I guess that is a different way of assessing the arch...?


For a sprain, he suggests ibuprofen, icing, elevation....the usual stuff.... but should I use a tennis ball on my foot or will that make it worse?

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By drawing attention to your injury I mean things like searching, perhaps desperately, for other therapies and talking about it in a way that makes you more conscious about your injury. You want it totally out of your mind, same as if it never happened.

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Ok great..thanks :) I will let my teacher know though right? And be careful over the next couple days :)

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