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Fight over ballet


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I'm having a huge issue. My mom wants me to do a basketball league in addition to ballet. This would mean me missing up to two classes (I have 5) per week. This is all because she wants me to be on the team in 9th grade. While I enjoy it,I'm not up to par with the people who are really focused on it, and I love ballet a lot more. She also told me if I did not make it into top summer intensives these next two years I would not be able to continue with ballet. I argue that I will have slimmer chances of acceptance if I don't attend most of my classes. She says I can either skip classes for basketball, or she wants nothing to do with me. I have no idea what to do. Every possible choice seems bad?

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Swan#7, I think it's time for you to introduce your Mom to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :) Seriously, the parent forum here is VERY active, and VERY good. We have so many experienced parents who excellent advice.


Other than that, I think you need to have a good sit-down, calm and quiet, unemotionally but very serious talk with your Mom. Make a list of the things that are most important to you, and why they are a priority. If you are to be successful in anything, it takes commitment, focus, dedication, discipline, and a lot of work. Ballet not only demands all these things, it develops them, and these are skills that will help you throughout your life.

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Sorry to hear that, swan, but I think she needs to read a whole lot more than this topic! She needs to read some parents forums. :yes:

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