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Down time


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I have a question about the required down/rest time that is needed for dancers. What we have in our family is that when we have the rest period, my DS is dancing at home instead of the studio. Should I come up with some means to keep him down or it is OK to leave him alone? My DS is 12.

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Good question. I would love to hear the answer as well. If she is not dancing at home she is warming up, stretching, and then therabanding. I wonder how much is too much?

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Downtime is important for students physically AND mentally. I wouldn't suggest more than a couple weeks though. Some theraband or stretching is fine. Be sure to be warm before stretching though. A stroll around the block a few times should warm them up enough for light stretching.

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I just let my DD take the lead and allow her to be as active, or inactive, and she wants/needs to be. Sometimes she wants to be busy and physically active. Sometimes she just wants to flop on the sofa and watch movies. We just sort of go with the flow.


I would expect that your son knows what his body needs.

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